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Author Topic: Devildove's Reviews  (Read 907 times)

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Devildove's Reviews
«: January 13, 2011, 05:43:52 PM»

Senny - 1/13/2011

Forum thread: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=11228.0

Review: I ordered a nonremap port of a quite complicated character on 1/12/2011 via posting on her forum thread.  She responded very quickly, around early evening 1/13/2011 and had the portrait done within two hours.  Her work was stunning and she captured my vision of the character perfectly.  She was extremely nice and easy to talk to and was very accommodating of the changes I asked for near the end of the port process.  I HIGHLY recommend commissioning Senny, especially for any canine characters, as she offers extremely good-quality nonremaps for a very small sum.

Toppo - 2/25/2011

Forum thread: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=11941.0

Review: I commissioned a very silly nonremap port on Feb. 21st (I believe) from Toppo after falling in love with a port a friend of mine commissioned from her.  Toppo was quick to respond and I had the port in my hands in three days, not only in 95x95 but big enough to use as a ref as well!  She was very accomodating to the small change I requested and I sent off the money + a tip as soon as I had the finished work.  I'm really pleased with Toppo's attitude and skill and I personally think she charges WAY too little (I was charged $3 for an amazing, cute port) and would highly recommend her!

Capell - 2/23/2011

Forum thread: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=13812.0

Review:  Capell is a good friend of mine on Furc and I was always a huge fan of her art.  I commissioned her on 2/20/2011 for a chibi of my character, Million, which would cost around 5GD.  I gave her my ref and she had it done within three days. She was easy to reach because she's on Furc on the character Capell most of the day.  I was super pleased with it and she was very accomodating of the small changes I requested.  I've really fallen in love with it and will definitely be commissioning her for a ref soon! She WAY undercharges for the quality of work she does and I would highly recommend using her for character art, because she really deserves it.  I tipped her around 60% for the piece, coming out to 8GD, although I would've doubled that if I'd had the money. EDIT: I commissioned her again recently for a couple portrait for me and my bf and again had a lovely experience with her!

Anna - 04/02/2011

Forum thread: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=7822.0

Review:  I commissioned Anna for a remappable feral portrait for $4, though I tipped her $3 more if I remember correctly.  She was extremely pleasant and awfully cheap!  She said she would probably be finished in a day but I ended up not receiving the port for around two weeks. That's not a big deal to me at all but I know some people get really antsy.  However, she was worth waiting for! The port was exceptional and she even made sure that the black in my color code remapped nicely!  Her ports are way too cheap IMO and I would definitely commission her again, because she accommodated my requests very kindly and politely.


Frizz/Ewe - 03/25/2011 and 05/02/2011

This girl is so sweet! She was my first commissioner ever and ordered a nonremap anthro couple portrait in March, and then an anthro portrait for her character Ewe in May.  She was super accommodating of all my questions and insecurities and I am so glad she was brave enough to commission me, as it really got me started. She was even nice enough to post on my port thread and recommend me to others. <3 It was a joy to make art for her and I hope I get to do it again some day!

Shane - 04/10/2011

Shane commissioned me for a nonremap bust portrait.  Their character was very interesting and I was really happy that they commissioned me even though I had no male examples to show. <3 They made a couple of pretty simple requests in regards to repositioning and I was happy to oblige.  I ended up being pretty happy with the portrait but after I gave it to them they didn't express outward happiness with it, which makes me sad but of course is only a failing on my part :( Would definitely take their commission again!

Procyon/Charlotte - 05/02/2011

Charlotte commissioned me for a remappable portrait for her friend, Procyon, of a penguin holding a hammer.  She was very kind and answered all my questions kindly and patiently!  She expressed much joy with the final product and paid quickly. I would work with her again any day!

Javier - 05/21/2011

Javier, whom I know through the dream I work in in Furcadia, commissioned me for a feral remappable portrait of her character, who's a husky.  I really enjoyed making this portrait and Javier answered all my questions, and was very sweet and fun! Javier loved her portrait and has expressed interest in commissioning me again, and I'd love to make art for her again x) However, her boyfriend is Jarek and it was through her that Jarek commissioned me...

Jarek - 05/22/2011

Jarek is Javier's boyfriend.  Jarek commissioned me for an anthro portrait of his character holding up a cape.  Through the whole process he was very nice and patient when I asked questions, and he approved lineart immediately. He said that the only method he had to pay me was with a portrait space, and I said that was fine and that I would refund him the difference in cost (which ended up being $3) in GD so he wouldn't be overpaying me.  At the very end of the process however, I showed him two separate versions of the portrait so he could choose which he wanted (one contained some hair lowlights and one didn't) and then he stopped responding to me for almost two days.  I asked Javier what was up and she told me that Jarek wasn't planning on paying because it "wasn't worth it" and that I should sell it as a pre-made.  After much talking to Javier and a little to Jarek we established that there had been a misunderstanding and Jarek thought that he would be paying the port space for the single portrait, which is... a bit annoying. He didn't try to clear it up with me and planned to just run off without paying. I put the squeeze on him a bit and he finally paid me as agreed, although he tried to tell me that his space wasn't tradable at first, which also ended up being a lie. He was very apologetic about the whole thing. I'm not sure I would work with him again though. Javier also told me he had payment on another portrait withstanding as well, so... I don't know whether Jarek is worth trusting with your products.

EDIT: He sent me some pretty nasty whispers about this review after I posted it and we argued through whispers for a while, ending with me putting him on ignore.  It's people like Jarek that make me want to demand payment after lineart approval, or even up front. Feel about this person as you will but I will not be working with him ever again. :/

SynfulBliss and Hollister - 05/22/2011

I know Syn and Hollister, who are a couple, through the dream I work in, and knew them to be really sweet people before they even commissioned me. I was commissioned for a nonremap feral port for Syn, and a remap anthro port for Hollister.  I did Hollister's commission first and her character was wonderful! I really really enjoyed making the portrait, as it really broke the mold. She was wonderful through the whole process and gave input readily when asked.  Syn was as well, and though it took a little bit of explanation to get color codes and such out of him it was no trouble at all. They both loved their ports and asked for only very minimal changes.  I would work with either of them again without a second thought, they're both very patient and kind!
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