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Author Topic: Stein/[email protected]  (Read 470 times)

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Stein/[email protected]
«: January 22, 2011, 03:03:56 AM»
Stein/[email protected]
2 December 2010, 1:26 pm

So today i found out someone sold a design i own (bluebirds design). the person who bought it says they got it from Stein/[email protected] in a past previous trade i sold bluebird to this person who then later sold her back. (keep in mind she sold the design long after the trade back was done.) Now i may be going off edge here but when you sell an alt you CANNOT turn around and sell the design.

now why someone would buy a design from a very well known alt - without getting proof that the seller has ownership of the alt is beyond me.

She sold all the art and every port of bluebirds to Lobsel Vith. Let me add in all these ports still remain on bluebird where they are (c). since when can you sell ports without the artists permission anyways?

I don't know whats going on stein but i would appreciate it if you posted here with an explanation as to why you did this. Id like the design i own to be (c) to bluebird as it should be.

Don't attack Lobsel Vith, she had no clue the design was stolen.

ps; stein/amanda has me blocked everywhere i cannot contact her.

i just found out also Lobsel Vith, paid for the design in art. not quite sure how much nor do i care i just want this sorted out.

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