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Author Topic: FAM User Portrait, Alt: Guns  (Read 443 times)

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FAM User Portrait, Alt: Guns
«: January 22, 2011, 03:03:59 AM»
FAM User Portrait, Alt: Guns
20 January 2011, 7:26 pm

On December 17th, FAM user Portrait contacted me about purchasing my life dragon. The agreement was my life dragon for $65 paypal. The transaction was done, with Portrait sending me the $65 first, then me gifting the dragon to her with the message 'Life dragon for $65'.

I just received an email today indicating that the owner of the paypal account that sent me the $65 has opened a claim for unauthorized payment. So now I am out my $65, and the life dragon that resides on the alt 'Guns'.

I contacted the guardians, and Cironir has informed me that little can be done since I used the gifting command, but he has frozen the dragon so that it cannot be transfered from the alt 'Guns'. I have sent Portrait a pm on fam about the matter, but it seems that the last time they logged in was 2 days after our transaction occurred. I responded to the paypal claim with an explanation of what the payment was for, as well as provided them with the gifting logs I had. Unfortunately, I no longer have the pms of Portrait saying they would buy my dragon, and I also can't seem to figure out what character it was that Portrait whispered me on, because it wasnt their alt Guns.

I guess this is just a warning for everyone to not do transactions with this player. I don't know if they are legitimately trying to scam me, or if they were using someones paypal account without permission, but I do hope to have this solved. Also, if anyone has any advice for me as to how I could perhaps win this case with paypal, I would greatly appreciate it, since it seems the guardians can't really do anything for me.

I have added Guns to my pounce and hope to catch them on in-game so I can confront them about this, but I am worried this may not happen since they have been inactive on FAM, but I guess we will see.

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