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Author Topic: Cheap Descs 1GD  (Read 578 times)

Offline Pippy

Cheap Descs 1GD
«: January 23, 2011, 02:26:14 PM»
Decided to give the whole writing a desc a go =3 I can do any length of desc, and however detailed you want it too be. Just let me know the basics and I'll write away.

Examples (Will add more)

Deloi (Feral)

Like a dark abyss; slender body was cloaked in a blanket of silver-grey; like granite mined from the ground. The creatures markings were painted black; making its already lightly coloured body brighter as though it was almost glowing. Jet-black hair covered the creatures eyes, though always kept long its style had a habit of changing. Deep chested, with long limbs this creature looked like it was built for flight, sure enough large, eagle-like wings sprouted magnificently from the creatures back, its secondary feathers both black and silver. Upon the creatures hind left leg, bone-like spikes broke through the skin, adding to the oddity the creature was. Around its neck, clasped a black bandanna; the letters D.E.L printed neatly upon it.


Snow Queen; beauty and grace were the words to use when describing this alabaster feline. Perfect rosettes of ashen grey speckled over the felines powerful form; fur was soft to the touch and luxuriously long. Darker ashen grey marred her muzzle, and around her turquoise eyes.

Will add more

3 For 1GD. Though currently I will do onces for free due to wanting more examples.

Whisper me on Maude or Tame or comment on here