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Author Topic: Maybe I Should Take A Break  (Read 1013 times)

Offline Ukai

Maybe I Should Take A Break
«: April 24, 2008, 07:47:01 AM»
A Rant From An Extremely Honest Artist
Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2008, 5:35 AM
And I'm going to be truthfully honest here. Why I haven't done ports, or art...because people want to know.


I know I've been on an extremely looooooooong haitus (And will continue to be for three reasons: Comp issues, college, and portfolio presentations), but the truth of the matter is, my comp is totally unusable at this moment. I can't draw anything without photoshop or my entire computer shutting down, it doesn't even reach the windows log in screen anymore.

And my other god to honest reason? I'm just fed up with impolite people...I've never charged from my work and when people do pay me something back in return (even if I don't want it) I tell them I was greatly appreciated. But please understand, I have a life too, as both a college student, an individual in a home, and a person who has a job.

Yes, don't get me wrong, I love drawing, I do it irl, on my spar time, or whenever I do get the chance.


Secondly, I appreciate the critique very much, but I really don't need impolite people bashing at my ports in such a disgusting way. I HATE doing ports at the moment.

But I know you'r saying: "omg why?!" or "But they're so good!"
I happen to be the most elitist perfectionist in a port artist there is. I can finish a port in an hour, but the look shitty to me, not my best work, and it makes me want to say fuck it altogether. I suppose I should take more time, maybe six hrs or so, but I'm not that type of artist. I don't do pixels.

With the constant badgering of: are you done yet every ten seconds, please give me a beak...I hate dithering, and when I do do a port its out on a whim or when I really feel like it.


So while I am in this brooding and sulking mood of how my pixels suck, I'll be doing my business portfolio for art.

As seen here. http://ukai.deviantart.com/journal/18002281/#comments

Not that I've been taking a break long enough. And I wiped out my gallery (AGAIN!!) Because I don't think its good enough.
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Offline Hugo

Re: Maybe I Should Take A Break
«Reply #1: April 24, 2008, 08:38:09 PM»
Don't forget to write.

By the way, did you know we have a blog section?
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