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Author Topic: Seeking Wolf Pack Art.  (Read 495 times)

Offline Glaciel

Seeking Wolf Pack Art.
«: January 25, 2011, 10:09:21 PM»
I would be interested in finding an artist that would be willing to face the challenge of drawing a pack picture and thus multiple wolves in one image.

I am aware this is a BIG project hence why, for now, this is to get a quick view of potential artists that would be interested.

How many wolves?
Anywhere from 8+ wolves. (I know this is a big number, hence why I would like to be approached and not me going around asking a thousand artists, haha)
The pack has at least 16 active members though, so it may go up to this MAYBE.

Paypal, unlimited? Estimates will be discussed with artist in order to find an agreed price range. If you have an estimate in mind, please feel free to post it bellow or PM me personally.

What I'm looking for

-Must be digital art
-Semi-quick results. Meaning: although I won't mind it taking a month/a few or so, I rather not wait an entire year, if you get what I mean.
-If you can take into account general size of all the wolves, that would be a plus but not necessary. (since we have very large members compared to some normal sized)
-The finished product doesn't have to be -huge-. Meaning it can be a normal sized image with just more smaller characters crammed in together. xD

More information
-The pack name is The Crew.
-We have a forum link and references for most of our members. Please inquire if you would like to view it.
-Semi-realistic wolves: None of our members have wings nor mutations. Only difference with realism is the colours on some and size of the wolves themselves.

Please post
-Examples of art
-Estimated price (if you have one, otherwise it can be discussed, I would like to see the price for normal commissions if possible to get an idea though)

Side note: We are also open to recruiting new members for the pack as well. Only requirement really is to be able to preferably para roleplay. Contact Glaciel in game if you'd like to get more information. :)
Also: I've commissioned quite a few artists in the past. If you need reference or part of the payment upfront, this may be discussed. Since the price may be slightly higher than average considering the amount of canines in this piece, I will be most obliged to offer references that I'm a trustworthy commissioner (meaning I wont run off or disappear half way through). If you could provide the same, depending on the conditions, this would be awesome. (added this in case o, not mandatory, once again)

Post away, PM or, in a last resort, you may contact me in game under the names Glaciel or Neirah.
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Offline Rigel

Re: Seeking Wolf Pack Art.
«Reply #1: January 27, 2011, 02:30:50 PM»
I'd be willing to give it a shot.  Check my dA for examples: http://haddockism.deviantart.com/

For a project this size, it's probably start at $15.  Completion would probably be around a week or so.
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Offline Para

Re: Seeking Wolf Pack Art.
«Reply #2: January 29, 2011, 06:12:55 PM»
hi there - http://skankicide.devianiart.com
there's all my examples! i've never taken on that many wolves, but i'm willing to. price would depend on if they're shaded or flatcolored.

my shading starts at 7 flat, plus five per character added. with 8 wolves, that would be 7+35=42. however, i can discount to 35 or so.

i don't have flatcolors listed, but i would charge 5 per flatcolor, 3 per other characters added. that comes to 5 + 24 = 29, but could discount to 25 or so.

let me know! a background may cost more if added.

Offline Glaciel

Re: Seeking Wolf Pack Art.
«Reply #3: February 01, 2011, 04:29:22 PM»
Alright, thanks you two that posted- I'm certainly interested up till now, so I'll get back to you guys when I've made a decision.

Others are welcome to keep posting as well though, I still have to get a few details done on my side.

Offline Cauldwell

Re: Seeking Wolf Pack Art.
«Reply #4: February 19, 2011, 01:24:37 AM»
I enjoy a challenge like this :3 I used to own my own wolf RP forum much like the Blackblood Alliance, with it's own comic and everything so a pack picture wouldn't be too much of a struggle for me. As long as I had specific details of each wolf (preferably a reference of each) I could do it fairly easily and quickly. I would say probably a month at most for 8+ individuals.
My price would be a little more expensive though. More in the upper $30 range depending on how detailed you would want it and if there was going to be a background included and all that jazz.