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Author Topic: Edit: Port Theft - Misuto (stole 2 ports AND the alt Nortia)(Resolved)  (Read 2249 times)

Offline Angelic Sin

A port that I commissioned from Hinderence for my charrie, Angelic Sin, has been jacked by one named Nortia. Yes this is the second time the same port has been stolen. *big sigh*

The port that was jacked: http://hinderence.deviantart.com/art/Furc-port-Angelic-Sin-138696297

Screenshot of Nortia with port:

Hinderence has already been notified.

Here is log of a friend of mine, talking with Nortia about the port. These logs were in whisper and were allowed to be posted.

(12:16:01) Meli: you do know the port you have is stolen, right?
(12:16:02) Nortia: Sorry, Meli, I'm currently away! (12:16:59) Meli: I don't know if it was you or some previous owner, but we're working on getting the port cleared, unless you'd like to do it yourself.
(12:17:23) Nortia: Stolen ? Dx
(12:17:26) Meli: Yes, stolen
(12:17:33) Nortia: I bought it from someone a while ago, don't remember.
(12:17:34) Meli: it belongs to a friend, Angelic Sin
(12:17:47) Meli: someone stole the port previously from her before.
(12:17:56) Nortia: Ahh, i had better get it cleared then. I will also try and find who owned this alt previously
(12:18:02) Meli: do you know who it was that- okay, please do
(12:18:10) Meli: we can save you the time though
(12:18:19) Meli: stolen ports can get cleared for free.
(12:18:28) Nortia: Cool :D
(12:19:00) Meli: I already talked it over with Angelic Sin and she confirmed the port was hers.. if it wasn't you, then the artist (Hinderence) can/will email [email protected] with proof she made it and get the port cleared
(12:19:20) Nortia: Kay, thank you for letting me know it was stolen, wouldnt want to keep a port that was.
(12:19:42) Meli: but please do work on finding out who you bought the alt from.. if its the person that previously stole the same port, it'd help xD
(12:19:45) * Meli nods
(12:19:59) Meli: and do I have permission to post these logs, should I need to?
(12:20:05) Nortia: Of course.

(12:20:13) Meli: thank you. :) hope it gets resolved quick :(

Edit #1: These logs are whispers and are allowed to be posted.

(20:50:16) Aboard: Hi?
(20:50:16) Angelic Sin: Hello Aboard! I've been away for the last 8 hours and 33 minutes and may have missed your whisper. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP! 
(20:51:01) Aboard: Shoot. Just whispering about your post on FAZ... I'm Euphony. The alt, Nortia, in question is supposed to be mine and I was just whispering you to find out what other info you had about the person on it, as I believe it was stolen from me.
(20:51:01) Angelic Sin: Hello Aboard! I've been away for the last 8 hours and 34 minutes and may have missed your whisper. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP! 
(22:46:58) Angelic Sin: Ello?
(22:46:59) Aboard: Inactive -- Sorry, this furre has been away for the last 0 hours and 11 minutes and may have missed your whisper. (Auto-idle)
(22:59:32) Aboard: Oh, hi :3
(22:59:41) Angelic Sin: hi :)
(23:00:31) Angelic Sin: I dont have any other info on the Nortia person. :(
(23:06:51) Aboard: Hm.. just got a PM on FAM about the alt. Guess it was stolen then sold, and now is being returned to me.
(23:07:13) Angelic Sin: Oh, awesome! I am happy for you ^^
(23:07:23) Aboard: Working on reporting all the players involved in the stealing. I'm so sorry that they stole your port :< I'm asking her to remove the port as soon as possible
(23:08:03) Angelic Sin: Awesome! :D

Edit #2: These logs are whispers and are allowed to be posted.

(23:19:37) Nortia: Hey this is me, real Nortia :P I was just wondering if you could edit the "stolen port" post explaining the mixup? I don't want my alt associated with stealing art :X
(23:20:34) Nortia: And reading over that again I realize it sounds like this is the person who stole it.. so I'll rephrase. Explain the stolen-alt mixup? Or leave it. Just if you could edit it I'd be grateful.

Edit #3: These logs are whispers and are allowed to be posted.

(23:41:13) Aboard: Okay last whisper I promise. I got the full story on what happened with this whole deal, and apparently the person who ended up with Nortia saw the free space and decided to port it. She went to dA and searched "free ports" but switched it to "female ports" and 'forgot' the second search results weren't free, which is how she ended up with your port. It's been removed from the alt though
(23:41:14) Angelic Sin: Hello Aboard! I've been away for the last 0 hours and 1 minutes and may have missed your whisper. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP! 
(23:46:20) Angelic Sin: Do i have permission to post these logs on FAZ in the use of explaining what happened?
(23:47:04) Aboard: Certainly!
(23:47:23) Angelic Sin: Kk.
(23:47:24) Aboard: Stewy also gave permission for logs to be reposted as needed.

Edit #4: Player Misuto has stolen 2 ports and the alt name Nortia. Ports have been removed and alt returned to their rightful owner. This thread can be closed.
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Offline Gengar

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #1: January 29, 2011, 12:37:39 PM»
to tack onto this, Nortia claims that Voyage sold her the alt, which is still listed as owned by Voyage on FAM..
the account Voyage also lists many other alts as owned, including 'Knuckle'
if I'm not mistaken, I think several theft cases were based around the person 'Knuckle' as well?
Angelic Sin said the port was stolen previously by someone named Knock.. I wonder if these could be the same person?
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Offline Zinge

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #2: January 29, 2011, 03:00:50 PM»
I know for a fact Knuckle is a feral alt used in Yellowstone but I have seen it switch actual hands/players at least twice and the current owner only bought it a few months back, maybe two, if I am not mistaken.

I think it was still under 'New Owner' or 'Newly Bought' when my alt's IC pack had her come in as a pup.  I also know the old owner and I know they are not the same person.  I don't know if that helps, I am half asleep.

Just saying any 'theft cases' and such 'based around the alt knuckle' are not based around the current owner.

Offline Euphony

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #3: January 29, 2011, 07:10:08 PM»
Nortia is my alt. It has an unused port space on it. I made it through the character maker 3 days ago? I don't know when this was taken, but it wasn't the current alt owner (me)... unless someone got the password. I've never seen that port, nor stolen one. And I've never had the alt on for a prolonged period of time, /or/ whispered anyone on it.

Just clarifying.
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Offline Euphony

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #4: January 29, 2011, 07:13:36 PM»
Well I just tried logging into the alt, and it says the password doesn't match.
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Offline Zinge

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #5: January 29, 2011, 07:17:36 PM»
Well great.  Good thing this happened, because now we are aware of not only someone stealing ART, but also ALTS from people.  Yes.  Unless that is an old owner and you found it a while ago, it appears the alt was stolen and then covered with stolen art.  What a kind, generous person they are :D

Offline Euphony

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #6: January 29, 2011, 07:21:35 PM»
The only thing I can think of is that I sold the alt "Passionfruit" for free yesterday on FAM, and I think Nortia was the only other alt of mine with the same password as "Passionfruit". So maybe the person who took Passionfruit has Nortia?

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Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #7: January 29, 2011, 10:42:54 PM»
Okays so I will send in an email and deal with DEP again seeing as it never fails I can't ever provide enough "proof" I did it, I will log on and Message this person to request to have the port remove, I fear if it's falls completely into my hands to have it removed It's won't be successful. I will still send it in and I will Message the person with the stolen port. I appreciate you all bring this to my attention.

Offline Gengar

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #8: January 30, 2011, 02:05:42 PM»
good to have this relatively cleared up. I love hindy's art and I can recognize it a mile away.. and I don't think Angel would ever switch her ports to another alt.. >>
gotta say though, wasn't expecting a stolen alt in this as well.. though its possible that the person 'Knuckle', aka Voyage on FAM, that I've HEARD in various theft scandals (which no longer pertain to the current owner of Knuckle, btw).. she could've stolen Nortia and sold it off quickly? the Nortia I spoke to didn't seem very much aware of anything.. I'd think she was new-ish to the game, so I don't think she was the initial thief.

yay for detective work~
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Offline Dee

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #9: January 30, 2011, 02:27:17 PM»
Nortia popped into Yellowstone today wearing another Hinderence port. This one can be found here. I'm fairly certain it's also stolen.

As soon as I had asked where she got the port, she logged off.

Offline Ma Dai

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #10: January 30, 2011, 05:08:56 PM»
They've stolen something else, as well: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=13269.0
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Offline Euphony

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #11: January 30, 2011, 06:35:53 PM»
The person who stole this alt was Furcadia player Misuto. Stewy, who got a free alt from me with the same password as Nortia, gave Misuto the password.

She stole the alt and then, using the unused portspace, stole Hinderence's port. Apparently she cleared the space and uploaded it with a different one. I have the alt back and have reported Misuto for stealing it, as well as emailing both Furcadia support, guardians, and portrait-help to get the portrait removed from the alt. Hinderence has been notified of the second theft and I'm trying my best to get the port removed. The port is turned off on the alt.
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Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #12: January 30, 2011, 06:43:13 PM»
Yes.  For the SECOND time we are addressing this issue.  The alt was stolen, the portspace was filled with a stolen port, and then the thieves felt bad and gave it back because they didn't want to get into trouble.

I know her well and Eupho didn't know how to turn portraits of until earlier today, and when she was told how, did so promptly.

She has already emailed guardians about having the port removed and they have yet to respond.

Offline Euphony

Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #13: January 30, 2011, 06:58:34 PM»
To prove that I wasnt the one doing the stealing:

Showing that the message quoted below was indeed sent by Stewy.

I gave Passionfruit to Misuto for free as I had gotten it free. I did not purchase Nortia. <- Very Blunt.

The whole story [ I feel like im writing a book ]:
So I was wandering one of my favourite dreams, Cypress Homes, from AI. And I started talking to Misuto as she was .... there. The dream is a BaH and she kind of just walked into my unlocked house, thus we started a conversation. We talked about the dream at first and then we went on about some more and somehow ended up at alts. I told her that I was selling alts to try and save up and buy some things of my own, she said that she was hoping to get a good Food name alt to use for her port. She didn't show me the port. I told her I had just gotten the alt PassionFruit and didn't have any big plans for it. I am quite casual on selling alts and so gave it to her for free, without changing the password from the one you told me when you gave it to me. Then, I gave her the alt, telling her the password and she suddenly logged off. I added PassionFruit to my pounce, just to watch, and of course, It popped up soon after. I deleted it without much interest, off my pounce that is. Then I just went on with life, not thinking much of it until I saw your theft post on FAM. It scared me as first as I already have a locked thread of a "potential scammer" in that section, though I honestly do not have any intentions on scamming. Was just checking a price and then changed my mind... ANYWAY. She has in fact emailed me and confirmed that she looked through the other alts and picked out a few to use the password with, apparently she was lucky picking Nortia to get that portspace.
She said that she tried to transfer the portspace onto Misuto at first but couldn't get it to transfer. Following that she used it on Nortia "without thinking" and started searching DA for free ports to use. She said that she first searched "free ports" in the DA search bar but then changed it to "female ports" forgetting that the ones listed where no longer free. Which is why she "mistakenly" stole the port.
I have some words in brackets because I don't know for sure whether these are true. There are things in the world that I can't confirm because they were not my feelings, they were Misuto's. I hope you understand.

Phew, and that is the full story. I hope that I can help with anything else you need, I don't like being involved with a scam but it will probably help me in the future. Experience is usually helpful.

EDIT: For the apparent second theft, when I recieved the alt back last night and changed the password, I didn't change the email. The person who originally stole her apparently got the email with the new password, got her back again, and then uploaded a different stolen port. I've changed the character's email and password AGAIN just now.
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Re: Port Theft - Nortia
«Reply #14: January 30, 2011, 10:05:34 PM»
Anyone concerned with this issue PLEASE read the post below.

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