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Author Topic: Ports and Art  (Read 621 times)

Offline Zeakee

Ports and Art
«: February 01, 2011, 07:16:54 PM»
So my friend doesn't have a FAZ so she gave me permission to post her stats up here so don't reply to this thread. Whispers Diction or Psychosocial on furcadia for quick access or go to http://psychosocialx.deviantart.com/

Furcaida Ports: Ports REMAP: 5GD // x1 portspace

Port NON-REMAP: 7GD // x1 portspace

Couple Port REMAP: 10GD // x2 portspaces 

Couple Port NON-REMAP: 12GD // x2 portspaces 

Headshot : 3GD Bust: 5GD Full Body: 7GD


Bust Examples

Full Body