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Author Topic: Vollkreis Review  (Read 1098 times)

Offline Naomi

Vollkreis Review
«: February 11, 2011, 04:23:35 AM»
www.Vollkreis.deviantart .com

I commissioned the two after noticing a sudden explosion of beautiful portraits popping up on my deviantart, the two were producing amazing portraits at a great speed! It was incredible. :D

10 GD/PP or 2 spaces - they take any of these, which is much nicer for those who can't use paypal. Much unlike all the snobby artists who think they only deserve real money for some shoddy, half assed peice of art.
These guys were producing AMAZING portraits filled with love and attention. ;D
So the price is a definate 10/10. It'd be a crime to pay anything less, infact, they should be charging more!

So i sent a note with all my details. The character, the pose, the background the mood, ect.
And I was later (In less than a day) presented a sketch! It matched my description perfectly, and i was also given a choice of two varients of the sketch.

I at that point paied them for their work. Which ensured that even if I didnt get a full port, i had a sketch, at least. Not that i doubted the pair.

I recived constant updates of the portrait as it was in the making, and they would always ask if anything needed to be changed - and nothing ever did!
They followed my descripton to the dot. There was nothing that i didnt ask for and everything that I did!

And now, i've been given the most beautiful portrait for my character, Sludge!
With a choice of two versions, also! :)

They are fantastic, and you'd be stupid not to commission them!


Offline White-sight

Vollkreis Review
«Reply #1: February 16, 2011, 07:04:10 AM»
Volkreis as artists have phenomenal pixel skills. I came across them on Furc when I spotted a port that I adored and was kindly linked to their DA by the user. It wasn't long before I spotted yet more people with these fantastic portraits and soon found that I really fancied one myself, so I got in touch.
They are incredibly punctual when answering any notes/ messages left for them, in fact I've found that they tend to get back to you as soon as they can which is often the very same day. My first transaction with them was the purchase of a pre-made, about which they were incredibly helpful. In fact they kept me constantly updated about offers already made and when such offers fell through they got in touch immediately to let me know that it was available.
After this I left details of a commission piece I was after in addition. Needless to say I was very pleased with the end result. They keep their journal regularly updated with progress percentages so that you can check the status of your commission any time you like. They also got back to me with a preliminary sketch surprisingly quickly, giving the options for review and alterations to be made before progress towards completion.
I was completely satisfied with the final piece, more than actually. And throughout the entire process I was met with an entirely polite and exceptionally accommodating attitude.
I would recommend Vollkreis to anyone looking for a beautifully crafted feral port. Just go and take a look at their gallery and see for yourself.
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Offline Kerrigan

Vollkreis Review
«Reply #2: February 19, 2011, 10:01:40 AM»

After stumbling and fumbling for a spot last minute to get on their commission list, I was relieved to have woken up next morning given the spot being the second last on the list. This artist works orderly, something I have trouble on and have respect for. I know probably a lot more on the back of my hand if I look around on deviantart that do this, so it's a nice surprise to be reassured we'd or anybody would be getting their art next.

Vollkreis as a whole is a collaboration with Jagerin and Wulfghast, both of these people whispered me with constant inflow of the portrait updates ever since my sketch was completed. I was prompted to say something if things were off, but since everything was in order, this simply was not needed. In all, Vollkreis on dA provides everything start to finish and always appreciates your opinion instead of hiding it.

If I had to rate somebody five stars like those reviews for movies and such, they'd get it. They work constantly, they provide constantly, and they care constantly. What's more to say? If you commission them, it's impossible to be dissapointed.