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Author Topic: Want a life ferian?  (Read 586 times)

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Want a life ferian?
«: February 17, 2011, 07:55:40 PM»
Due to severe problems with my paypal, I need to cancel the contest prematurely.

The reason is, I would not be able to pay for prizes after about two days from now; and I don't want to disappoint you guys.

Sorry if this makes anyone angry, please understand that it's something that's not within my control.

EDIT: I've gotten a few people asking if you can do more than one entry. The answer is yes, you can have as many entries as you can bust out in the contest, but they will be judged seperately and not as one. :)

SECOND EDIT: Accessories that really catch my eye include: Scarf, South Park hat (Kyle, Stan), Aviator helmet, Kenny's parka (as long as it doesn't obscure too much of the markings), eyepatch. This is not limited to only those things though. c: Going through a South Park phase right now.

THIRD EDIT: It must be a FULLBODY reference.

Hello there! If you've clicked this topic; you should already know that you, yes you, have a chance at winning a juicy ferian lifer ~OF YOUR CHOICE~. All you have to do is design my character, Crayon. Unfortunately I'm not too great with words, motivational speeches or something that will really make you enthusiastic about this damn contest, so I'm going to jump right to the point.

First of all, I just want to state that this contest will be judged on the design, not the artwork. Although artwork is also a big factor, considering I don't want a half assed reference for my character; don't be discouraged if you believe that someone else is a better artist than you. Everyone has a chance, as long as they put their best effort into it.

The character is Crayon, like I stated above. 

Also, I will not be keeping every single design. If you didn't win, then you are free by all means to use your design however you'd like. The same goes for placed entries besides first place. If you win first place, the design will be mine to do with what I wish; as I expect you to understand. The first place prize will count as payment and that equals a transaction just as good as buying a premade or commissioning, so don't bitch and whine if I decide to change small parts about the design or sell it in the future. (However, I will ask you permission if I ever do sell it, just because some people are iffy about their artwork being resold or traded.)

[STARTS:] 2/17/2011
[ENDS:] 3/20/2011

This gives you almost a month, which I hope is enough time. The end date will be extended further if it's necessary; but you will be notified in case of a change in plan.

-1.) Absolutely no tracing, referencing or copying from other designs inside or outside of the contest/entries. This is cheating and is not acceptable in any case. I mean, come on people. We were all taught before kindergarten that stealing is bad. It should be 100% of your own work.
-2.) You do not have better chances if you are a friend of mine. Both friends, strangers and acquaintances all have equal chances in this contest.
-3.) Please be creative.
-4.) Multiple entries/additional pieces of art or portraits will earn you very small extra favor in this contest, however, like stated above, it is judged on the design above all else; so it is definitely not necessary.
-5.) Surprise me. I want something that stands out above the crowd... something unusual, fresh and new... don't give me something bland and average.
-6.) If you have read the rules, place the word 'pickles' into your whisper/PM when you enter the contest.
-7.) I do not want premade designs, this is a contest. If you have a design already made that matches my guidelines, that's great, but I want something new that was created for this competition specifically.
-8.)Have fun! Even if this is a competition, I want you to enjoy doing the artwork; your level of muse for the contest will most likely affect the artwork and I want to make sure that you are happy with what you have drawn. Don't stress yourself out. There is also plenty of time for you to work on this, so don't think that you have to rush your entry.

Entering is very simple. Just whisper either Adrienne, Diego, Billie Joe or Fii, or PM me on this account saying that you would like to join. Just add a list of contacts I can reach you by in the event of a change of schedule or if you have placed.

[What I'm looking for:]
- Anthro (can be any type of animal, as long as it has some sort of fluffy tail)
- Can also be either a small child or midget.
- Something unholily adorable.
- Bright colors, something matching/fits well with the name Crayon.
- Something that looks sweet and kind.
- Something unique.
- It is a female, so I want something feminine and cute. Tasteful nudity is all right as long as it doesn't go over an M+ (or mature) rating.
- Please have her holding a crayon in her hand, mouth, or even on a necklace around her neck. A crayon has to be somewhere in there. Brownie points if you can draw her scribbling on a canvas with crayons or doing something with it.

[What I'm NOT looking for:]
- Ferals of any kind, including sparkledogs.
- Anything with an evil attitude, devilish look...etc. I don't want her to be some sort of fucked up dominatrix.
- Anything with less than 2+ colors and more than 5+ colors as the main markings.
- Extremely complex designs.
- Porn.

Now for what you probably came to this topic for,

-1st place: A choice of a Life Ferian (of your choosing) or 20$ in Paypal.
-2nd place: Two portrait spaces.
-3rd place: One portrait space.

Any questions whatsoever can be whispered or PM'd.

Thank you!


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