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Author Topic: Port commissions!  (Read 725 times)

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Port commissions!
«: March 07, 2011, 05:35:18 PM»

Hey guys, I'm opening up port commissions again (in a desperate attempt to make money in between paychecks).  The two ports above are the most recent ones, and I got those done at least within a day of getting approval of the sketch that I provided.  The completion of the portrait should be within one day, three days tops (unless something happens, but I don't see anything that will affect the timeline).  I'm on a roll, so this is a great opportunity!

I am willing to do any animal, creature, symbiote, whatever.

Paypal only!

Both remap and non are the same price.

I will not accept:
- Port spaces
- Digos
- GD

The Process
1.) Contact me and provide me with information.
2.) I will make a sketch and send it to you so you can make changes and stuff.  Note: Once you've approved of the sketch, there's no going back unless you want to pay for another whole portrait.
3.) You send your payment.  I will give you the address at that time.
4.) I will ink, color, etc. etc.  (I make my own backgrounds BTW.)
5.) I'll send you the PNG version (remap or not) so you can request some changes, such as the background and such.  (For remap: When you accept the portrait, I will send you the .FOX file via email.)

The Rules
1.) Due to some problems in the past, DO NOT MOVE THE PORT BETWEEN ALTS!  If you sell the alt, the portrait goes with it.  The portrait must stay on one alt.
2.) Do not edit, trace, reference off of, or claim it as your own.  (For some small edits, such as slight color changes or backgrounds, contact me first so I know and send me the final result for my records.)
3.) Do not resell the port separately.  Again, the port must stay on one alt and it could only be sold with that alt.
4.) Don't complain about my prices, please.  It's not my fault if you can't afford them.  I will not do trades.

PM me on here
Note me on deviantART
Whisper me on Chels (good luck...)

If you're interested in other types of commissions, check out Bordavix/Designs and/or TrebleSome
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Re: Port commissions!
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Re: Port commissions!
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Re: Port commissions!
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