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Author Topic: Crafts Art has been stolen.  (Read 1678 times)

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Crafts Art has been stolen.
«: April 27, 2008, 06:57:40 PM»
So apparently someone is using a picture I drew of Craft at one point in time as an anthro as 'their' character.

This is the Picture that Has been being used

This is the direct link to my Deviation:

Here is How I found out:

[6:39:34 PM] Junoesque: I got Junos crap for free and you wernt on. Someone todl me that you quit fiurc
[6:39:45 PM] Junoesque: what is up with that?
[6:40:02 PM] Craft: Who said that?
[6:40:29 PM] Junoesque: I cant remember, but they had art by you and I thought they WERE YOU XD and they said you quit
[6:40:46 PM] Craft: alot of people have art by me oo
[6:40:53 PM] Craft: go on my da and tell me which one ):<
[6:41:05 PM] Craft: because ill have to eat them because i did not quit in any way
[6:41:54 PM] Craft: been on like everyday
[6:42:02 PM] * Junoesque is looking now
[6:42:31 PM] Craft: ty
[6:43:58 PM] Craft: juno almost looks like she would be crafts pup lol
[6:44:09 PM] Craft: craft finally has a design i just havnt finished workin on it yet
[6:44:13 PM] Junoesque: this one http://dissymoo.deviantart.com/art/Anthro-Attempt-76150868 and their name was like Angel something
[6:44:23 PM] Junoesque: Tanek did her design for me #SA
[6:44:42 PM] Craft: they were using that as their art?
[6:44:51 PM] Junoesque: yeah
[6:45:02 PM] Craft: and thats like bullshit, because thats Craft as anthro
[6:45:03 PM] Junoesque: I cant remember I just remember the name Angel in it
[6:45:11 PM] Junoesque: o.o oh wow
[6:45:22 PM] Junoesque: well taht would explain why they wanted me to think you quit
[6:45:42 PM] Craft: well thank you I'ma have to post all over that its mine, thats like, personal Craftness
[6:45:50 PM] Junoesque: lol np
[6:46:04 PM] Craft: well that makes me mad, if you could find logs i'd appreciate it but yeah
[6:46:17 PM] Junoesque: I dont save logs #SC
[6:48:58 PM] Craft: ok.
[6:49:03 PM] Craft: where did you see them with it?
[6:49:12 PM] Junoesque: Moon Heaven

So there you have it. Apparently someone in Wolves Moon Haven Has been using that picture as a their character, which it is clearly not. This honestly pisses me off, it may not be port art but this is still and art theft. If you know anything about this please inform me, I do not appreciate personal characters being used as other's characters just because I did not put my name on one picture, and I did not quick furcadia.

Thank you.


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Re: Crafts Art has been stolen.
«Reply #1: April 27, 2008, 07:03:58 PM»
I'll be on the lookout, but always put your name on a picture in the future if you're worried about theft! #SO


Re: Crafts Art has been stolen.
«Reply #2: April 28, 2008, 05:33:33 AM»
I'll be on the look out for this

And since when does it make it right for another person to use an artwork that isnt theirs, whether they quit or not?