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Author Topic: Drawing for 5 month Primewings!  (Read 566 times)

Offline Migoto

Drawing for 5 month Primewings!
«: March 19, 2011, 04:21:55 PM»
Uhh..have NO clue if this is an ok post since it has nothing to do with art, but ANYWAYS.

The Complex is having a drawing for 5 month primewings, graciously donated by Aiyame/Gatekeeper!

Where: furc://thecomplex, we're located in AI near the main hall doors, walk southwest till you see us on the left.

When: 5pm FST TODAY FOLKS(yeahyeah, short notice, sue me)

How: You come in, rent an apartment, decorate every room in it (including yard), or at least act like you're doing something in it (seeing as ya'll didn't get much of a notice) and your name will be tossed into a drawing. We'll dice roll at the desk, winner takes home two lovely, sleek-and-shiny primers.

Visit our site at: www.thecomplex.forumotio n.com !