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Author Topic: Floofy Hamster Adoptables!  (Read 623 times)

Offline Zydrate

Floofy Hamster Adoptables!
«: March 19, 2011, 08:48:16 PM»

I'm selling these on my FurAffinity account too.

These are my FIRST set of adoptables ever! After making a 'floofy' like hamster character for my character's daughter, I couldn't help but  use his base to build adoptables for everyone who thought he was cute!

These are perfect for cute little critter characters, not just hamsters!

Each adoptable is $2.00 Paypal. You can get 2 for $4.00, if you wanted!

*You can change the gender.
*Do NOT re-sell it.
*You can edit a few things, but NOT the entire design (kinda defeats the purpose, no?).
*Do NOT say you drew it.


BTW, if the one you want is already taken. Don't worry! I'll be making alot more of these after the first batch is sold!

Comment on here or send me a PM telling me which one you want. I'll give you my paypal for payment. The buyer will get the individual picture of their purchase that's signed by me.


Offline Zydrate

Re: Floofy Hamster Adoptables!
«Reply #1: March 20, 2011, 12:59:47 PM»