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Author Topic: Scammer Alert; Abhorrent/Beckett - UPDATED  (Read 371 times)

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Scammer Alert; Abhorrent/Beckett - UPDATED
«: March 20, 2011, 11:00:22 PM»
Scammer Alert; Abhorrent/Beckett - UPDATED
13 January 2011, 5:58 pm

Before anyone hate-whispers Abhorrent, let it be known that there is a NEW owner of it, it was made just today. They've done nothing wrong. I'm talking about the PREVIOUS owner of it.

Well, anyway, I sold the alt Jetson to this person, for a payment plan-type thing of 50 dollars. She'd pay it off bit by bit until she owed me nothing more. Now, before you say I mistrusted, I'd known this person for quite some time and was comfortable with trusting her, and I was confident that she wouldn't betray this trust. She ended up paying me 6 of the 50 I was owed, before dropping off the face of the earth. Every so often, I'd catch her online on Beckett, and she'd assure me that she would soon get the money, but I never received a bit of it.

Now I don't know if she ended up quitting, forgetting and switching alts, or what. But I'm owed $44 dollars, which, after perhaps half a year, I still haven't received.

EDIT ( February 06 ); I got ahold of her the day I posted this thread and, I was assured that I would be paid within days because she had to reactivate her paypal or something like that. All this time has passed, yet again, no money. She hasn't responded to any messages I've sent her. It's obvious she's ignoring me, because on her dA she posted a journal just yesterday.

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