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Author Topic: Paypal Chargebacks [say its resolved and be done with it.]  (Read 440 times)

Offline FAM

Paypal Chargebacks [say its resolved and be done with it.]
26 January 2011, 5:36 pm

At this point I will mention no names, it is just to scout for anyone else who has had a large amount charged back out of their account. Four payments consisting of $104 all together have been charged back out of my account. Obviously this puts my paypal out of action until the issue is resolved. I use paypal daily, and if I cannot use it, there are many many things I will fall behind on, miss out on and this has genuinely fucked up a lot of things, including eBay sales.

Each chargeback is an 'unautorised use' claim.

A chargeback occurred last week upon where I lost a portspace from my character Ford. I spoke to the player I bought it from and gave them a month to repay me, or I take an alt of theirs, backed up by our good friend Cironir.

These chargebacks have come from the same person.

Anybody else having similar issues?

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