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Author Topic: Razor's Chargeback's ( Update )  (Read 486 times)

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Razor's Chargeback's ( Update )
«: March 20, 2011, 11:00:24 PM»
Razor's Chargeback's ( Update )
1 February 2011, 6:45 pm


The despuit has been resolved as far as paypal is concerned. I've lost the despuit and was charged an extra 20$'s for the settlement fee. That means, out of all this - I've lost 40$'s for no apparent reason, other than the fact that Razor claims that their information was stolen. ( I am not saying otherwise, mind you. ) They inform me that the proper documentation concerning the fraud has been sent to the proper parties, and that I should expect to see my money soon . . .


Alright, so today I look at my paypal balance. It is in the negatives.

There's an open dispute concerning a design Razor purchased from me on October 26th 2010, they only just recently issued the dispute, on January 26th 2011.

The artwork in question;



I know for a fact that their character Chilli has the portraits uploaded to it, and they use the larger reference in their description.

I have e-mails stating that the payment had been sent, corresponding with the e-mail given by the disputer and the dates provided, so I have no doubt that it is them. However, I have recently been informed by a third party that Razor's paypal account was hacked, HOWEVER more, I do not understand why, if someone hacked their account why they would be issuing credit card refunds, rather than paypal balance refunds. Unless the "criminal" is in procession of their credit card.

I am trying not to be too insinuative, I do not want to be responsible for drama, I just wanted people to be aware that there are risks with using paypal. Even if the person seems friendly, and there is no problem for months, it can still come back and bite you on the ass. Someone steals someone's money and then someone's money gets stolen from someone, it's a bunch of crap that I have no patience in dealing with anymore.

I sent my information to dispute the charge-back, but I doubt paypal will take my Furcadia logs, and pictures seriously.


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