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Author Topic: OOH, DANG! Art Contest!  (Read 624 times)

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OOH, DANG! Art Contest!
«: March 24, 2011, 01:06:49 AM»
DEADLINE IS: undecided
This is a port/character art contest~
Prizes might be a little mundane, but I'm short on cash. I will only accept 15 entries.

The Prizes
First Place - Life Ferian of your choice (this exludes seasonals).
Second Place - 20 GD / Anything in the Digo Market equal to 20 GD
Third Place - 10 GD / Anything in the Digo Market equal to 10 GD
3 Runners Up - 5 GD / Anything in the Digo Market equal to 5 GD

The Character
You only have one to choose from:

Feral cat, size of domestic cat; Bengal x Ocicat x Maine Coon
Playful, overly curious, snide; usually looks like she's done something mischievous
http://i55.tinypic.com/2u3w5t5.png & Forum Avatar

If you need anything more than that just let me know! I know I'm horrible at description.

What Will Catch My Eye
- Uniqueness
- Effort/ Actually looks like you tried
- Background
- Nonremaps
- Details; perfect design/ captured personality perfectly
- Style

The Rules/Guidelines
- I judge based on quality and quality alone. You will not get first place simply because I know you.
- I will not accept anything not done 100% by you (ie: no adoptables, re-makeables, ect).
- Even if you do not place, I assume that ALL art submitted IS mine to keep unless specified otherwise.
- I would rather recieve character art, but that does NOT mean character art will triumph over a port.
- A nonremappable port WILL get picked over a remappable one.
- More than one piece of art = extra points in my book :3

I might add more once/if the contest progresses.

Ways to Contact/Enter
Whisper me on Dang
PM me here
Post here

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Re: OOH, DANG! Art Contest!
«Reply #1: March 25, 2011, 11:51:39 AM»
i will enter though I freakin suck at ferals