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Author Topic: Seeking 5 Dollar Paypal Human/Neko Port Artist!  (Read 428 times)

Offline Zydrate

Seeking 5 Dollar Paypal Human/Neko Port Artist!
«: March 25, 2011, 02:38:37 AM»
Okay, so.

I'm buying my friend a port for her character because she's been really wanting one and I want to surprise her with it.

She perfers the port to be remap since her character shifts colors alot. And would like it to be of her male character Satoshi.

My budget is five dollars since I bought her a space for it already.

Artist must be good at:

Nekos/Human-esque characters
Drawing Males
Good at drawing sexy poses

She was also very kind to draw up some references of Satoshi for me. The links are down below:


He's really not that complicated to do, really.

Since I'll be paying for this port, please contact me about it if you have any interest or questions regarding it. (I.E. Remappabkle areas, pose ect).

Whisper me in-game as: Zydrate

Much appreciated, thank you so much!

PS. If I'm AFK or not logged on. Leave a message anyway. I'll get back to you ASAP.