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Author Topic: ~Lola Port Contest~  (Read 534 times)

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~Lola Port Contest~
«: April 05, 2011, 03:49:44 PM»
What art this contest is for: Portraits, Remappable Or Non-Remappable. If Nonremappable I would prefer it to be pixel looking but I don't mind :)

Subject of contest: Lolani is the character I want you to draw. She is a sweet Australian Shepherd would would only be found in the snowy regions of the world or in a grassy spring like area. Never a desert. She carries around a green baby blanket with her. She is really sweet, Acts like a puppy, and is virtually innocent.
Reference of subject:


(Ports will be made by myself)
First Prize: (x2)Ported Alt,One Of My Nakeds, And A Design+Port
Second Prize: Two Of My Nakeds, A Design+Port
Third Prize: One Of My Nakeds, Design+Port
Fourth Prize: One Of My Nakeds, Port
Fifth Prize: Port

Closing date: May 25,2011~

You may not resell or steal these art works.

You can contact me on Lolani or Belove
You can also PM me but I might not get to it as faster


None Currently


Furc color string: t:%-,?<8;<;#&#
What goes where:
-Fur: Light Gray Part Of Her Fur
-Markings: Black Spots Under/Above her eyes, On her side, Tail Tip
-Hair: Brownish Golden Part Of Fur
-Eyes: Eyes
-Badge: ----
-Bracers: Light Cream part above her eyes
-Vest: White muzzle to eye marking, White underbelly part
-Cape: Blackish, Near muzzle marking
-Trousers: --------
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