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Author Topic: Crashland's Reviews  (Read 777 times)

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Crashland's Reviews
«: April 16, 2011, 05:01:15 PM»
Makoce - 4/13/11

Review: This wasn't a commission but a deal for a premade. It was 5 GD for a feral wolf port and it went smoothly, they gave me the port first and I gave them the GD. They were friendly and patient when I had to order the GD and remember my gift commands, so this is someone I'd buy another port from. :)

Spazimoto - 4/15/11

Review: I commissioned two remap ports from spazimoto, one of a feral otter and one of a feral wolf, in the afternoon of 4/15/11. By the evening they had the sketches done and showed them to me, and by the morning they had the ports done. :) I paid 10 GD after spazimoto showed me the sketches and recieved two good ports in return - it was worth the money. Spazimoto was very friendly and someone I'd commission again. I'd also recommend commissioning them, they're very prompt, friendly, and make good ports. :D

Maylef - 4/16/11

Review: I commissioned one non-remap port from Maylef, a feral wolf port, for 5 GD. They had the sketch done very quickly and very nicely. I didn't have anything I wished to change so they went onto coloring. I'd commissioned the port at 10:45 FST and it was done at 15:45 FST, and the ports were worth much more of a wait then the five hours it took. Maylef was friendly and quick with the (great quality) port and I'd definately recommend commissioning them - I would certainly commission them again. :D