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Author Topic: Year feline noble+15gd- Contest;;  (Read 525 times)

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Year feline noble+15gd- Contest;;
«: April 17, 2011, 09:29:53 AM»
this contest is only first place prize only. first place prize is 15 bucks, gd only sorry and a year noble. I'm making a new alt and to be honest, this alt needs to be the definition of scary, psychotic and anger. This alt needs to be a nightmare. However, i have no designing skills what so ever; this is where the contestants come in. please design me the most scariest disgusting, ghastly wolf you can possibly thing of. if it helps, try and think of something that made you angry. the most angriest you've ever been. Maybe it made you want to stab something or punch a wall. I want all your anger poured into this alt. i want angels to freakin cry.... Think of it as therapy. first place winner obviously gets the cash and digo. however, if i don't pick you, just sell the design or scrap it. do whatever you want with it. Like i said, maybe this'll be therapy for some?

Info needed:
its name: putrefy--- causing to rot. helpful tidbit?
Species requested: wolf
gender: female
Breed: whatever the fk you want
Demon: i guess, go ape fk.
looking for: the scariest sht you can come up with. also. looking for a ref/design and a port since im adding a year noble.
colors: idc. as long as it's not bright..or blue...or anything that might be considered as 'cute'
Scars: knock yourself out; hell it can foam at the mouth and make me happy.
Protruding bones: why the hell not.

I'm pretty fond of the 'joker smile.' if you can give me that sick, twisted and almost psychotic grin, i'd be ecstatic.

dont want:
i do not want cute in any form or fashion on this thing. like i said. i want angels to freakin cry when they see this monster.

  • whisper me in game on clarette or post here if you're entering.
  • once done with your work, please show the design or provide a link either by whisper or post it on here.
  • the designs need to be original. please make sure you don't steal designs? kthx.
  • don't question why im doing this. i have personal reasons as to why im asking for a design like this.
  • collab's are permitted however u gotta' split the gd amongst yourselves. which in this case would be 7.50 for both...which isn't every much i don't think? in any case. i'd like the name of the other artist so i can congratulate him/her as well.

Contest date: not set yet. probably some time next month maybe.

  • Year feline noble + 15 gd

none yet.
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Re: Year feline noble+15gd- Contest;;
«Reply #1: April 17, 2011, 10:07:23 AM»
Added a year feline noble to the prize. First place only**

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Re: Year feline noble+15gd- Contest;;
«Reply #2: April 17, 2011, 03:57:42 PM»