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Author Topic: Seeking Port Artist to make a dream port package (for The Esclave Auction)  (Read 454 times)

Offline Mistyfit

Description of Dream: A fancy-looking slave auctioning business. Located in FurN. Main colours: Black, gold, red. THINK elegance! But also bulky-ness too. Slaver and slave. Chains. Stuff like that. Make sense?! xD;

Price Range: $60-$90 paypal - I would offer more if I can, but it also depends on how fast you make them and if they look good. I won't give you the FULL amount right away (I've learned my lesson), but I may give half. But I really prefer to see at least one or two ports first, at least the outlines/sketches.

Also, I'd like to see examples please! :D

Eien on furcadia
Note me on DA - www.boogeywoo.deviantart .com

A few screenies of the dream to get to know it more:

Species I want Done:
Rodent: Male and Female
Equine: Male and Female
Canine: Male and Female
Musteline: Male and Female
Lapine: Male and Female
Squirrel: Male and Female
Bovine: Male and Female
Ursine: Male and Female
Bugge: Male and Female

Werewolf (local species, not the actual werewolf digo): Male and Female
Chimera (local species): Male and Female
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Offline Mistyfit

Offline cro

Here is my gallery. I'd be willing to do all of them and I don't expect payment until a few sketches are done at least. Let me know if you're interested. I usually do nonmap but there are some remap examples in there as well :)