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Author Topic: PortraitArt Commissions CLOSED - $10/15GD Ports!  (Read 719 times)

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PortraitArt Commissions CLOSED - $10/15GD Ports!
«: April 19, 2011, 04:04:19 PM»

All prices are listed from most desired to least desired. Anything struck through means that I am currently not accepting that as a payment option. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience!

Regular Portrait Commission Information:
• $10 PayPal
• 15 Golden Dragonscales
• 3 regular portrait spaces

• $15 Paypal
• 20 Golden Dragonscales
• 4 regular portrait spaces

* Conjoined Remappable
• $20 PayPal
• 25 Golden Dragonscales
• 5 regular port spaces

* Conjoined Non-Remappable
• $25 PayPal
• 30 Golden Dragonscales
• 6 regular port spaces

* Please add $5/5GD/1 port space for every port after, if you want more than just two portraits conjoined.

Alternate Payment Methods:
* Alts
If an alt particularly catches my interest, I will take it as payment for any number of portraits I feel the alt is worth. We will work out a price range for the alt, and I will make the portraits based off the price. (Example: The alt offered is worth $30, so 3 remappale or 2 non-remap will be made based off this price.)
I will accept lifer digos only - never expiring digos! In much the same fashion as an alt, I will make any number of portraits based off what I believe the digo to be worth. I will be basing my price for the digo off what it is normally sold for on FAM/Furcadia forums, not Digo Market! (Example: A life Foxen normally sells for $30, so 3 remappable or 2 non-remap portraits will be made based off this price.)
Note: If an alt or digo has a valued price of anything ending in a number from one to five, it will be rounded down. ($12 will round down to $10, $25 will round down to $20, etc.) If it has a valued price of anything ending in a number from six to nine, it will be rounded up. ($16 will round up to $20, $28 will round up to $30, etc.)
* I have the right to reject any offer made via alt if I feel you are trying to con me out of more portraits than what the alt is worth. An example being is I'm offered an alt I feel is worth around $40, when you are trying to say it is actually worth around $80. I will happily make any amount of portraits for you, if I feel what I am getting is worth it!

• I need a visual reference of some kind. Even if it means going on to Google and finding the best match to what you're trying to describe.
• For remappable ports, I will need a color string. I preview my shading all the way through the port making process.
• Payment is to be provided after I show you the altered finished product. Once paid, I will send the finished product to you. (If you wish to pay earlier, it's up to you.)
• I do not work in any specific order.

Commission Status:
~ - Paid
No Stars, - Not started.
* - Sketching.
** - Lining.
*** - Coloring.
**** - Done.
[pp] = Paypal.
[gd] = GD.
[p] - Ports.

1. Bluebird. [pp] ****~
2. Bluebird. [pp] ****~
3. Mamber. [pp] ****~
4. Baukis. [pp] ****~
5. Clymene. [pp] ****~
6. Renny. [pp] ****~
7. Asphyxia. [gd] ****~
8. Honeybee. [pp]~
9. Crantini. [pp]~
10. Harujai. [pp]~

Character Form: Fill this in as it applies to your character. If nothing applies, leave it blank.
Furcadia name/Character name:
Character Personality:
Eye shape:
Figure shape:
Pose (if overly complicated, may not be able to do):
Digitigrade feet or human feet?:
Character Appearance (If reference doesn't cover everything):
Character References:

Color String:
How things should remap:
Badge -
Bracers -
Boots -
Cape -
Eyes -
Fur -
Hair -
Markings -
Trousers -
Vest -
Non-Remappable -


Contact Information: Please note that all messengers listed are for commission/business purpose only, and I may not be on them as frequently as my personal ones. Your best bet is to PM me here, or message me via Furcadia.
E-Mail: hollie [at] demon-dog [dot] net
Furcadia: Hollie
AIM: Avianesque
MSN: avianesque [at] live [dot] com
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Re: PortraitArt Commissions OPEN - $10 Portraits!
«Reply #1: April 20, 2011, 10:03:54 AM»
Four more spots open. o: Bump bump!

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Re: PortraitArt Commissions OPEN - $10/15GD Ports!
«Reply #2: April 21, 2011, 11:18:20 AM»
Bump! Three more spots open guys, and for these last three spots, I will accept GD and spaces. c:

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Re: PortraitArt Commissions CLOSED - $10/15GD Ports!
«Reply #3: April 22, 2011, 11:14:19 AM»
Commission spots are closed for this month. c: More will open next month! Thanks guys.

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Re: PortraitArt Commissions OPEN - $10/15GD Ports!
«Reply #4: April 30, 2011, 09:54:09 PM»
Hey guys, I had to forfeit one of the spots on my list. So for now, I have one more spot open if anyone is interested in taking it. :D

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Re: PortraitArt Commissions CLOSED - $10/15GD Ports!
«Reply #5: April 30, 2011, 10:49:37 PM»
Spot was snagged up. That went quicker than I expected. xD

And thank you all again!