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Author Topic: Walls and other house-y things  (Read 573 times)

Offline Happ

Walls and other house-y things
«: April 21, 2011, 11:57:21 PM»
I need someone who can make me some walls that look like siding, in maybe four or five recolors(pale-ish blue, tan, white, colors like that. Nothing neon), and a plain interior wall with a wooden baseboard.

like this?



I would like for the windows and doors to be made to match these too. o3o

The windows and door frames should be square and match the shape of the wall.

Non of those weird rounded windows and doorframes that don't match in at top please. Those are yucky. :C

And please don't redirect me to various wall patches on roamheart and whatnot. I've already scavanged. I didn't like anything I found. :l

I don't have any form of payment except free art, and my dreamweaving skills. I can also offer you share in the dream I need these walls for.

Whisper me in game as Hap. I hardly check here.

Thank you!