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Author Topic: Feral Art Contest  (Read 568 times)

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Feral Art Contest
«: April 28, 2011, 01:48:49 AM»
This contest'll be for regular art for my character Kharybdis (as seen as Charybdis on WWS). She's a feral wolf, large and in charge. Here are the details: Kharybdis has grown an extensive amount since the day she was born; she is now large for a girl of her age, and her paws compliment her massive form. Her eyes have transferred from their crisp, stormy blue into the gold of her grandfather xxxx, and also like her grandfather and her father, she wears the trademark xxxxx black coat. Since she's been gone, Kharybdis has earned thin scars upon her shoulder and her abdomen. They're scarcely visible against the thick, dark coat of hers. Kharybdis weighs in at a whopping 150lbs of what must be pure muscle, and she is 34inches high at the shoulder. She is 6ft in length, a long wolf of monstrous proportions (though she is entirely proportionate looking). She is Queenly and dominant in demeanor without fail, and without effort. She's fearsome, and savage as well. FROM THAT DESCRIPTION, DO WHAT YOU PLEASE, JUST NOTE THAT SHE'S NOT A SMILEY CHARACTER AT ALL. SHE'S FERAL. You'll of course be drawing her :)

For the winner, they will get to choose between two prizes. Three portspaces or a $10 giftcard for iTunes. Whatever the winner doesn't choose, second place will receive (likely 2ps. instead of three, however, so that I might potentially give third place a space as well). It doesn't matter what you prefer, if and when you win PM me your preference ONLY AFTER. That way you know there's no bias :)! I WILL BE USING THESE PIECES ON WWS AS REF. GUIDES, WHICH IS WHY I WILL NOT BE ALLOWING THE END RESULT TO BE SOLD AFTERWARD/EDITED. By doing this, your art will be exposed; I have many friends interested in commissioning good artists who frequently view my profile on the site that do not play this game. Anyone who enters will be mentioned (as well as linked).

You can enter this contest as many times as  you want. The more art you enter, the more likely one of your pieces is to win! This contest close date is undetermined... I want to see if people would even sign up for this, first. The art will automatically be mine after submission! Which means you cannot resell/reuse in the end, sorry!
EDIT: Want to do a background? Anything plain snowy/Mountainous is cool (either/or/both). It's not required, though! Effort put in is entirely up to you. I have literally no req. except that Kharybdis is in it at all. TAG PIC for ref. sake. You can enter tags of that size or a bit larger if you please, that'd count as an entry.

Reply to enter! PM is also the best way to get in touch with me. Submit art via PM as well.

Entrants/entries: *
Kelly (x)
Easel (/)
Alice (/)

* x's in parenthesis indicate an entry. ex. x = 1; x,x = 2; x,x,x = 3; etc....
/'s in parenthesis indicate that they have joined, but have not yet submitted anything.

EDIT: Some mood music :P
Gently as she Goes--Beowulf Soundtrack
A Hero Comes Home--Beowulf Soundtrack*
Storm That Brought You to me--CotT Soundtrack
Written in the Stars--CotT Soundtrack
Djinn--CotT Soundtrack
Fever Dream--300 Soundtrack<br>
Returns a KingQueen--300 Soundtrack
Message for the Queen--300 Soundtrack
The Wolf--300 Soundtrack
Spitfire--The Prodigy
Bone Cracker--Shocore
Clash of Titans--Immediate Music (CotT Soundtrack?)*
Ocean--Two Steps from Hell
Return of the Lion--Narnia Soundtrack
A Watchful Guardian--The Dark Knight*
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Re: Feral Art Contest
«Reply #1: May 02, 2011, 10:58:00 PM»
Reply here if interested, actually; no PMs!