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Author Topic: Port Artist Needed  (Read 586 times)

Offline MistressNight

Port Artist Needed
«: April 28, 2011, 07:54:34 PM»
I'm looking for an awesome port artist who can draw Human [Male and Female], Anthro [Male Snow Leopard], and Feral [Male Wolf]. I'm looking to do a total of 6 portraits in all. Preferably 2 that are conjoined scenes = 4 total. and two that are of themselves. I'm looking for someone who will negotiate prices with me so I can afford it and they can still get a decent price for their artwork. Not sure if I wanna do Remappable or Non-Remappable again that will all be decided during negotiation. Payments I can do are paypal or GD on furc.

Contact info:

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Offline Jemmeh

Re: Port Artist Needed
«Reply #1: May 02, 2011, 04:07:37 PM»

Please check out my examples here:

Price wise: My portraits are normally $10 each, but if you would like me to do all 6 then I would be happy to do them all for $50. So the last one is free.

I am most interested and best at humans, so if you would like me to do just those two portraits, I will mark it down to $18 for both.

Hopefully these deals will help you afford your set. :)

Thank you,