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Author Topic: Feral wolf.  (Read 328 times)

Offline Naomi

Feral wolf.
«: May 08, 2011, 10:58:00 AM»
im paying in GD and spaces.
(I have 30 GD)

i have paypal for those artists who don't change a stupid ammount of money but produce quality ports.
(No more than $5 per paypal port.)

I simply will NOT commission you if i find that you charge more for GD than you do Paypal.
I think people are a pisstake when they do this. if you dont like having GD, dont offer your ports for it omg.

I have TWO characters to port.
A female wolf who is very dainty, feminine, ect
And a male wolf who is snarly, nasty, ect.

They don't have any stupid add ons, accessories ect.
They're very natural.

omg. i can't stress this enough.