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Author Topic: Seeking someone to draw a tattoo design. Owl wings.  (Read 659 times)

Offline Lord

Seeking someone to draw a tattoo design. Owl wings.
«: May 08, 2011, 10:41:34 PM»
I'm looking for someone to draw owl wings as a tattoo. This will be on my back. Ideally, they will be as anatomically correct as possible, so I want someone who is very familiar with bird and owl anatomy and wings. Please post your dA's, FA's, whatever, that have examples of your work. We will collaborate off of FAZ, seeing as I'm not on here often.

If you have the ability, please send me your examples to me on FAM through PM's--I'm on there as Julie.

You will recieve a picture of my back, measurements, ideal placement and such, and we will work for a while on this. You will receive payment after I am completely satisfied. You will also receive pictures of the tattoo when it is done. Not sure when I'm getting it done but you'll get pictures, promise.

We may go through a few different styles, all I ask is that you understand this is a permanent thing and I'm not putting something I don't like on my body. It may take a long time, it may not. It all depends.

Also, as mentioned above, I would ideally like them to be anatomically correct (to-scale of my body, which is why you'll be receiving a picture of my back and measurements). If that doesn't work out how I want it to, we may have to manipulate it.

Since this is a long process, SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. Don't post your info if you aren't going to respond to me wanting to commission you.

Please post prices, too.