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Author Topic: In need of a cheap port artist :c  (Read 541 times)

Offline Dillen

In need of a cheap port artist :c
«: May 11, 2011, 10:20:43 AM»
I was wondering if any of you talented souls could create a lioness port for my alt Recon. I've tried and I just cant figure out the anatomy. It's hard D: Anyway, I was hoping for it to be a remap, just in case she dies or whatever, I can remake her. I'm willing to pay in digos and I basically have only 1gd. x3... I have Foxen, noble feline and noble canine for you guys to choose from. Please and thank you <3!

Extra: Ferian Foxen, tradeable in 5 days, expires on 2011-07-30/21:48:01/Sat
Extra: Noble Feline, expires on 2012-04-02/13:37:01/Mon
Extra: Noble Canine, expires on 2012-04-23/20:22:01/Mon

Whisper me on Clarette or Recon if you're interested c:

Recon's website has reffy ~~
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Re: In need of a cheap port artist :c
«Reply #1: May 14, 2011, 04:19:50 PM»
I make portraits, although I'd probably have you pay around $5-ish dollars.