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.: Posscat :.
«: May 15, 2011, 05:54:46 AM»
Posted here to plug my friend

Preferred payment method = Paypal
All prices are in GBP (Great British Pounds) and USD (United States Dollars).

Terms & Conditions
I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I feel the subject is not appropriate or I do not approve of it, I will also cancel the commission if I am harassed to get it finished. I work in my own time.

What I WILL draw
# Humans (Male & Female, though females aren't my strong point)
# Anthro's (including things such as demons, furries and werewolves etc)
# Cyborgs
# Animals (Either normal style or realism)
# Fanart
# Gore/blood (cos I love that stuff)
# Yaoi and Yuri

What I will NOT draw
# Yiff
# Mechanical things such as cars, mech's etc (cyborgs are partially easier)
# Technical drawings (Buildings etc)
# Hate art/racism etc

Visit her Deviant Art

To contact her, NOTE her on her DEVIANTART. Do NOT comment here or note me it will be IGNORED I am not the artist. Thank-you for reading! Say that Expellion 'plugged' you when you note then please.
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Re: .: Posscat :.
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Re: .: Posscat :.
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Bumping this because it is awesome.  Will certainly go browse the DA link

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Re: .: Posscat :.
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Re: .: Posscat :.
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Re: .: Posscat :.
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