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Author Topic: Patch artist wanted for Rust Garden re-release!  (Read 587 times)

Offline Puppy

Patch artist wanted for Rust Garden re-release!
«: May 18, 2011, 03:20:34 PM»
If any of you have been around for a few years and you are into the feral circuit, you may or may not remember a little alley cat dream by the name of Rust Garden.

Well, my boyfriend and I are considering re-uploading the dream to the public, but before we do, we really want to update the dream with a few more custom patches. Things like walls, roads, flowers, fences, new/better water+animations, signs, etc. We'll be able to get a more definitive list when we are able to speak to our dream patrons about what they would like to see.

The main items that I want would be for a sewer area. Yucky water, manhole, walls, floor, etc.

Any little bit helps. Payments can be cash, GDs, or lifers, all based on the quality and quantity of work. :D
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