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Author Topic: german shepherd mix design still left, 3gd + free art bwoaaah  (Read 722 times)

Offline Colbie

hello fellow design connoisseurs

DRAGON DOGGIE SOLD, which leaves us with:

also selling another old design. german shepherd mix of some sort, very simplistic design. could probably work in a realistic feral dream. only one picture.

(picture is resized to 50%)
i am looking for around 3-4gd or 1 space for this design. if you do buy, i can draw you somethin for him for free #SQ

at the moment i am only accepting GDs and port spaces. your best way to contact me is in game as Colbie, send me a PM here or email me at itsjustmiranda @ gmail. com
please do not post here, it will likely go unseen.
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Offline Hea

Love the dragon dog's port. :D