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Author Topic: simple, overly stylized ports - 3gd or 2 for a port space [FULL]  (Read 519 times)

Offline Colbie

i really don't like pixelling anymore but i do like making ports, small art is fun.

so i am offering what i guess you would call derps. very simple, colorful, overly stylized and cartoony!

give me a ref, a few character traits and i'll poop something out for you. i draw ferals, anthros and people.. basically most things. and even though these are incredibly simple and cheap, i do put thought into them and i do make sure markings and whatnot are accurate.

price is 3gd or 2 for a port space.
more examples will be uploaded on my dA, www.hathound.deviantart.com, check frequently!
whisper me in game on Colbie or send me a PM here! :D
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