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Author Topic: $5 Portrait shading!  (Read 671 times)

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$5 Portrait shading!
«: March 28, 2011, 04:08:03 AM»
Alright, so.. Since I'm kind of in need of cash super badly, I'm gonna start opening up shading commissions, if anyone's interested, since I absolutely love to shade. (It is a great stress reliever, so you're doing me two huge favors at once!)

I have NEVER done anything like this before. Up until now I've made my profits off alts and not art/shading, so I have no idea if these will take off or what.

I'll be shading for.. I don't know, $5 per port?  Or 5 GD/1 space.
Paypal preferred, though.
I do a half-now half-later type of thing, but if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to discuss things with me! I only spend when I complete, never a second sooner! <3

(I also might accept outlines as payment, feel free to ask!)

You'll generally get shading a lot like

(Lobsel vith did the hair & shirt in this, though) or
(I didn't draw it, just shaded. <_>)
(this is my most recent example)

and an example of ferals; this is the first I've done, feral-wise so it isn't very good.

Here's some older examples too:

(the face shading is kind of awk, this is one of the first I ever did)

And I know it isn't really THAT great and stuff but like, after some discussing with a friend of mine I guess I'll go ahead and try this out.

This is what I'll need:

A portrait outline, either by you or someone else.
Your color code!

I have never shaded long fur, feathers, or scales before, so it's something I'd like to practice on. If I don't feel like a shading is up to standards, I'll give you a discount. I only do remap as of the moment, but I might eventually do unremap once I learn how.

I typically finish the same day (sometimes a few hours after) getting a port, but sometimes it might take a little longer, especially if I have a lot to do.

I guess here's to trying??

That's about it.

Whisper me on Light or drop me a private message if interested. :3
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hi i never get on FAZ so I'll be a bit of a derp. (:


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Re: $5 Portrait shading!
«Reply #1: April 09, 2011, 05:57:59 PM»
hi i never get on FAZ so I'll be a bit of a derp. (:

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hi i never get on FAZ so I'll be a bit of a derp. (:

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hi i never get on FAZ so I'll be a bit of a derp. (: