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Author Topic: Websites by Tino ★ PayPal and GD pls  (Read 582 times)

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Websites by Tino ★ PayPal and GD pls
«: June 05, 2011, 04:29:52 PM»
For first, I don't know if I should I'm 'professional', but I do have tons of experience with coding and website designing/making.
I've been creating websites since 2006 and I've been studying website making and coding for two years in career school.
I create all websites with Notepad.

Stuff to know

- You have to keep copyrights visible.
— If you remove them, I'll chop your dick off.

- Websites may not be resold without permission.
— If you are selling the character I made the site for, you can sell it of course! But you cannot edit the site and sell it as premade or anything without my permission.

- You pay after I'm finished.
— To avoid problems, pay me after you receive a screenshot of the site. After the payment is received, I'll send you the needed files via e-mail.

Samples and prices

I haven't made websites in a while but these are my latest ones:

- http://c-l-u.webs.com/
— Character site for CLU, my newest one. This is what the sites I make are like.

- http://mauvaisreve.webs.com
— A site for me and my girlfriend's comic. It's still under construction. As you might see, I like doing simple sites.

My base price for sites is $5 or 8 GD. Price will rise if I think the site design you want is complicated.
— The site will include full custom layout, one page and some extras like music player or chat box.
— I prefer PayPal as payment but will take GD and life digos too.
If you want an Enter- page for your site, I'm willing to do a enter- banner and the extra page for $1 or 3 GD.
— All other extra pages, like if you want IC, OOC, Chat Box and Stats as individual pages, it's $1 or 3 GD per page.


Just fill out this form and PM it to me, if you are interested to get a site from me.

Character name:
Character's personality:
E-mail address:
Webs.com URL: (Doesn't have to be Webs, but if you don't make URL by yourself, I'll make you a Webs.com account for this site, just tell me if you want any specific name)
Number of pages: (Include if you want Enter- page here)
Colors, textures etc:
Extra: (Music player, char box etc.)
Other: (Comments, give me ideas, inspiring music or pictures etc, anything !)


I take three commissions at the time.


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Re: Websites by Tino ★ PayPal and GD pls
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