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Author Topic: lookin for a skin maker collab or commission  (Read 611 times)

Offline Vin

lookin for a skin maker collab or commission
«: June 06, 2011, 11:19:37 PM»
hey. i run a dream that i pay monthly for that seriously needs its own skin already.

i'm looking for a GOOD skin, not something cheap looking. and i'm willing to pay with digos, gd or paypal. depending on the price, i might need to pay in installments because i'm a broke waitress who pays for this stuff with tips.

ANYWAY. if you're interested in taking on the job of making a science-fiction city-themed skin, and being credited and loved (and paid, obviously), please PM me with examples and your msn or furc name. i prefer instant messaging to communicate, and i'm sorry if i don't reply to everyone, but i'm probably only gonna add/whisper the person i'm interested in hiring.

i am also willing to help and collaborate by creating artwork and buttons for the skin. (i just suck at makin the skin itself... a collab would be really cool.)

thanks very much! i love you.
Yo, I'm looking for a mongoose who owes me 5 bucks. If you see him, let me know. He has a cheap-ass skateboard.