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Author Topic: (FINISHED)Anna Contest [40$, 20$, 10$, ect~]  (Read 1631 times)

Offline Madam

(FINISHED)Anna Contest [40$, 20$, 10$, ect~]
«: June 09, 2011, 06:16:59 PM»

Remap Previews
Click for bigger image.

Madam's "Anna Contest"

This contest is to receive artwork and portraits for my new character, Anna. She is a phoenix harpy, and is already designed. Your job is to create some wonderful artwork for her that I would be PROUD to showcase! This work will ONLY appear connected to the alt Anna.

Any and all entries will be saved, and may potentially be used at some point in the future even if you do not win. If you have plans to edit the artwork if you do not win-- PLEASE make sure to COMPLETELY change all details so that it does not resemble my character in ANY WAY. I own her design. Even if you make the artwork.
If your entry DOES win something in my contest, you are NOT allowed to edit the artwork and use it for anything else.

  • Do not enter work that is not 100% your own. If you have permission to trace, or edit something someone else has already made PLEASE provide PROOF that you have received that permission.
  • Do not 'borrow' or 'steal' someone else’s ideas for your entry. If two VERY similar entries are made, then the one who submitted first will be credited.
  • You do not own my character's design, even if you draw her. The artwork is yours, but the character you depict is mine. Keeping this in mind, ALWAYS credit her design to http://aras-vengeance.deviantart.com
  • You may upload your entries to a gallery, so long as you follow the above rule and link to this contest page. Entries will be posted on this page for every to see, and entries are NOT anonymous unless requested.
  • The winners will be judged on how original your poses are, how well you followed her design, and how accurate you've captured her personality.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish! There is no limit to the amount of entries you can make. You can also 'combine' entries. Portrait + Coloured Graphics entry MAY have a greater chance to win, then someone just entering a portrait.

  • You can submit non-remap portraits.
  • You can submit remap portraits.
  • You can submit sketches.
  • You can submit lineart.
  • You can submit CG(computer graphics).
(However understand that your work is judged according to how much effort you place into it. A simple sketch obviously does not take as much time or effort as a full CG picture. If I get enough portrait submissions, I may make separate categories for both CG  and portraits. )

Character Details

Name: Anna
Race: Phoenix Harpy
Reference: MAIN HERE and Extra Tail Ref
Remap Reference: Here
Physical Age:25-30
Clothing: Soft silks, golden trims, and dark colours are what this woman prefers. She enjoys showing off her beauty, and does it with class.
Personality: Charming, soft, and very seductive. This woman does not mind waiting to get what she wants, and what she wants is beauty. Anna is known to be narcissistic, just a tad bit vain, and very self-centered. However she is not without feeling compassion for 'lesser creatures', and has been known to show great generosity to those who prove themselves to her. She has been known to give up veils of the tears or blood to people who seek their magical healing properties... but only if these people display great selfless acts.
Extras: The feathers you see behind her are actually tail-feathers! She does have wings, but they're rather large, and she doesn't like to show them often. Her tail flares up like a peacock's but also folds back just like one as well.

Furc color string: t/7/<%;8(5;#%#
     -Fur: Orange, can be used for feathers
     -Markings:  Red, maybe used feathers, and makeup.
     -Hair:  Yellow, should be used for hair.
     -Eyes:  Should be used for eyes.
     -Badge:  should be used for eyes and jewels.
     -Bracers:  Pale Yellow, should be used for end feather.
     -Vest:  Black, CAN be used for clothing.
     -Cape:  Yellow, should be used for gold trim, wings, and tail spines.
     -Trousers:  Black, CAN be used for clothing.
     -NonRemap: Skin and makeup would look best non-remap.

First Place:  40.00$ USD (or) 40.00 GD
Second Place: 20.00$ USD (or) 20.00 GD
Third Place: 10.00 GD
Fourth Place:  Empty Portrait Space

Whisper Madam or Aniikin on Furcadia
You can also PM entries to me.
Do not post entries here.

Closing Date
August 20th 2011, 18:00FST
(May be subject to extention if number of entries is not sufficient)

Current Entries

Interested In Entering
Nero Umbrae

Burche of Furcadia
Zoo of Furcadia
Emeri of Deviantart
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Offline Madam

Re: Anna Contest [30$ Top Prize]
«Reply #1: June 11, 2011, 03:06:08 PM»
Added second reference to character details! This one gives you a better view of her tail, and shows how flexible it can be! Entries don't need to have her tail flared, I'd love to see some pictures of it trailing behind her too.

Haven't had much feed back for this contest yet, hope there is some interest!

Offline Madam

Re: Anna Contest [30$ Top Prize]
«Reply #2: June 14, 2011, 03:40:22 PM»
Added an example of a remappable portrait that can be used as a guide if you desire to make one as an entry!

Remember to make sure her wings remap red, orange, yellow, and white as shown <3

Offline Tat

Re: Anna Contest [30$ Top Prize]
«Reply #3: June 23, 2011, 11:36:43 PM»
Totes entering <3

Offline Madam

Re: Anna Contest [40$, 20$, 10$, ect~]
«Reply #4: June 30, 2011, 12:54:15 PM»
Added a few more references, and placed up a list of people who have contacted me about being interested!

Contest now emits over furcadia for a few days to draw more attention.

Remember the more people that enter, the larger the prize pool becomes. I've already bumped up the top prize 10$, and added a fourth prize.

Offline Mido

Re: Anna Contest [40$, 20$, 10$, ect~]
«Reply #5: July 14, 2011, 06:44:00 PM»
I want in pls :)

Offline Madam

Re: (FINISHED)Anna Contest [40$, 20$, 10$, ect~]
«Reply #6: August 21, 2011, 11:11:02 AM»
Winners Announced

Third Place: Burche and Explosed of Furcadia, win ten dollars and an empty portrait space to split between the two of them. Their entry was a beautiful remapable portrait, with amazing detail with hair and feathers!

Second Place: Emeri of Deviantart, wins twenty dollars for their beautiful full body digital piece of Anna. A stunning background, pose, and emotional air about the picture was breathtaking.

First Place: Zoo of Furcadia, wins forty dollars for their magnificent full body digital entry of Anna. The pose, the energy, the detail-- everything in this entry was so picturesque-- it was like they had pulled her character design straight from my head. Even filling in tiny details I my self had missed when making her reference!

While I did not get the amount of entries I desired, I certainly got beautiful quality from these entries! If anyone was meaning to enter, but did not get a chance for whatever reason please contact me in game on Madam or Anna. I still had small gifts to give out to people who did not win! But There was only thee entries in ON TIME, and those three won main prizes. I will only be giving out small thank you for entering gifts until the end of this month. 
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