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Author Topic: Remappable Animatd Port  (Read 390 times)

Offline Mojito

Remappable Animatd Port
«: June 16, 2011, 02:01:02 PM»
I hate to ask but I would love it if someone could do a charity port for me. I tried back in October to get one from Xappho :'( . I paid $40 bucks for it and I tried my hardest ever since to contact her and get my port from her. She never answers back so basically she stole $40 bucks from me and ran >:( . So...I was wondering if someone would take pitty on me and do an animated port for free or if not then very cheap like $15-$20. If interested then send me an email at [email protected] or whisper Mojito on furc. If you ask me to pay and I can agree with the price then I will only pay AFTER the port is given to me, that is not negotiable. I refuse to be scammed again. So yeah, animated, remappable port. Watch out for Xappho and charity work. Basic and simple. Thanks.  :)

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