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Author Topic: completely custom websites ~ unlimited slots  (Read 772 times)

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completely custom websites ~ unlimited slots
«: June 17, 2011, 08:48:52 PM»
Websites by I, Prince c:

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    oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

    I am familiar with html, css, and I can do some javascript if required (such as the drop-down menus in example 2). I can do frames/iframes, tables, or divs. Websites are totally customizable to work with your needs and desires.

    Please keep in mind that I am not drawing art for your websites. I’m merely doing web coding and very basic designs. All art/photography/etc. needs to be provided by you, and you must have permission from the original artist. (I won’t design a website around some random image you found off of google or dA, sorry.)

    I do not work in or with IE. Firefox only, guys. Sorry. 

  • Depending on complexity, sites shouldn’t take more than 24-48hours to complete. Therefore I require payment up front. For more complex websites (such as the Waechterberg example), the process may take longer. I won’t require payment until I’ve completed a design and sent you a screen shot.

    Extra pages are at no additional charge, so long as they don’t require separate coding or style sheets.

    I accept various methods of payment including: Paypal, GDS, Port Spaces, and Digos**

    Currently, my prices are negotiable. Cost depends on complexity, of course, but I’m always willing to barter. Please make reasonable offers.

    **Life or expiring. I’m interested in nobles (lapine, rodent, canine) and ferians (canen, maybe lynxen).


  • E-Mail: swhite (at) planetzar (dot) com
    AIM: murdonlegacy
    Alts: Dussander , What-ho!

    Or PM me here on FAZ.    

  • E-Mail:
    URL/Host: (such as www.freewebs.com, or, if you already have an account, www.freewebs.com/name)
    Pages: (what links and how many, eg. stats, inventory, relationships, art, etc.)
    Character Information: (whatever stats or write-ups you’d like on your website, the main body of text on each page. Please feel free to link me to a RPR page)
    Design/Other: (do you want iframes? tables? Links on the left, links on the top? Please give me as many details as possible!)
    Payment/Offer: (your preferred method of payment, and your offer)
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Re: completely custom websites ~ unlimited slots
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Re: completely custom websites ~ unlimited slots
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