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Author Topic: looking for a sculptor with EXPERIENCE AND EXAMPLES (paying with paypal obv)  (Read 682 times)

Offline ali

so, i've seen lots n lots of sculptures on fa/da/whatever lately and i've been craving something of my own. however, i lack the patience and the materials to go out and try to sculpt something with little experience, so i want to find someone who's good at it.

i GUESS i don't have a set price, but i'd like for it to be affordable. also, if i wasn't being obvious, i want it shipped to me, but i can pay extra for that if the original price isn't disastrous P:

the character i was interested in getting a little 'figurine' of or maybe just a derpy little chibi thing is favian, this kid here in just the collared shirt/shorts/kneesocks getup.

will give further details if someone piques my interest. :3

even if no one here can do it, i'd like some recommendations on people WHO CAN (fa/da links... etc, people who KNOW this stuff). so, please, post here, thanks!!
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Offline Vin

painteddog is open. thought i'd mention.

Yo, I'm looking for a mongoose who owes me 5 bucks. If you see him, let me know. He has a cheap-ass skateboard.