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Author Topic: Win your Dream Digo! - END DATE DECEMBER 15  (Read 1349 times)

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Win your Dream Digo! - END DATE DECEMBER 15
«: June 24, 2011, 10:17:29 PM»
Gift 1gd worth of scales to VincaWorks as many times as you like for a chance to win a digo of your picking within the limitations of your won portion of the pot!


This isn't an art contest, and the cost is as little as that stray 1GD scale you may have laying about on an alt. You could win big!

Once upon a time, I had an alt. That alt was VincaWorks, and to that alt, I attempted a guild back in ye old times on DA, before there were guilds on DA. It fell into disrepair for many reasons. Yet, during that time, VincaWorks accumulated GD.. DONATED GD.
THEREFORE AND BY, as the scales were a community effort, it is only right that the community should have a chance and grow them. Those that enter by cost of a single GD scale per chance, will have a chance to win their dream Digo, so long as it is within cost range. The best part is, those that buy in, are ultimately growing the pot.

DragonScales Balance: 164 GD - is the starting pot amount.

Here is the example:

Each ticket is 1 GD. 136 tickets are bought. 164gd starter pot + 136gd "ticket" = 300gd total ("pot")

this would mean that the winners by place would have the ability to spend up to:
1st = 125gd
2nd = 100gd
3rd = 75gd

the calculations will ultimately be off with odd numbers, but I plan on having at least a 25 scale difference for the main pot, thus giving those picked a decent amount to spend. I'm hoping to make 'first' at least half of the pot.

The winners will then be able to choose any digo/item off the digo market up to the value of their respective place prize and have that digo bought for them.

Any additional scales will be recycled into a second, smaller pot, and three names drawn again and the process repeated for how long it may allow. This means there may not just be three winners. It all depends on how big the pot gets!

Example with the above, here is how it works:

main pot draw
1st = 125gd wants a noble for life (100), left over = 25
2nd = 100gd wants wings for life (100), left over = 0
3rd = 75gd wants a ferian for life (50). left over = 25

left over total = 50
second pot draw
1st = 25 wants a one year noble (20) left over = 5
2nd = 15 wants a one year ferian (10) left over = 5
3rd = 10 wants a one year ferian (10) left over = 0

left over total = 10
third pot draw
1st = 5 - wants a snug desctag (5, none left)
2nd = 3 - wants a sword desctag (2 1/2, some change left over)
3rd = 2 , combining with any small change, will get something at that range. The lowest Digo cost seems to be 2 1/2. they would be able to pick from that cost.

Start Date: Now.
End Date: December 15, 2011
Winning announcement date: Shortly thereafter, as soon as the transactional list is obtained.
Re-draw for non-responsive winners: January 15, 2011 (Due to holidays. Any winners after that date for other pots will have 2 weeks to reply)
Re-draw for smaller pots: as soon as the previous pot winners have chosen their prize and have had it delivered to them in-game.
Cost:1GD, to be sent to the alt VincaWorks ex: give-scales VincaWorks <#> GD <msg> msg should be your main alt name.
If I can not contact you after the contest is over within a reasonable amount of time, I will pick a new name.
No limit on entries. Enter once, enter 50 times! Every golden scale makes the pot grow!

If you have questions, please contact me through [email protected] (I'm check it more often) and I'll reply.  The alt will not be logged in all the time. Therefore it may not catch every entry. Even still, you might forget to put your name! Just try to screen cap your entry just in case. I will be obtaining a gifting list that should display the name and amount for each entry at the time the contest is over. I will also be keeping a lax list for my own reference.

THIS IS AN ENTER-AND-FORGET-IT TYPE OF 'CONTEST'. I figure some might have stray scales laying about that they won't miss, and this way you'll have a chance to potentially win big! Enter whenever up until the date, but it's best to do it so you don't forget to later :)

Thank you and good luck!
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Re: Win your Dream Digo! - contest of luck and laziness
«Reply #1: October 19, 2011, 10:20:20 PM»
This is a wonderful raffle idea! Much luck. :)

Offline Aries

Re: Win your Dream Digo! - END DATE DECEMBER 15
«Reply #2: December 10, 2011, 02:12:37 PM»
bump. last days
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.

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Re: Win your Dream Digo! - END DATE DECEMBER 15
«Reply #3: December 29, 2011, 11:23:46 PM»
Ooooh I hope you didnt forget the one I added on there a long time ago! :D
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