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Author Topic: Seeking Grpyhon artist  (Read 1217 times)

Offline Carnie

Seeking Grpyhon artist
«: June 25, 2011, 04:18:30 PM»
Possibly for FREE...if Possible D: Cause i don't have a lot of money.

But i made a gryphon character. Well more like a Pocket Gryphon.
Her name is Amo

Some art made by otherss. Always look for more!! :D


Amo (pocket Gryphon)
http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=22204 (Drawn by Figs)
e.arp.jpg" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Luzon.bleeding.heart.dov e.arp.jpg

pg" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Woodland_jumping_mouse.j pg

Bleeding heart dove/Woodland jumping mouse

Best example of a Pocket gryphon i can give

But if anyone is interested in trying, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me either on here, or Gotham/Oingo/Amo (I hop through my alts sometimes.)
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Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #1: June 28, 2011, 12:08:15 PM»
I would prefer SOME payment.
Gallery http://rext-rex.deviantart.com/gallery/
Gryphon (she's a big ole' nasty one, aggressive) http://rext-rex.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d26da6m
Example of cuter things http://rext-rex.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d2iq1kb
My latest piece http://rext-rex.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0#/d3k28ul
PM me if interested. (:
Visit my site-> http://rext-rex.webs.com

currently have alts on sale! http://altmarket.net/index.php?topic=31876.msg468272#msg468272

I am adorifying!

Offline Carnie

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #2: June 28, 2011, 12:57:26 PM»
I would commission you for a picture, if i had any form of money. But right now i'm broke. I'll keep you in mind in the future. :)

Offline BaconBits

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #3: July 12, 2011, 12:34:09 AM»
I'm not a gryphon artist but I suggest looking at http://hootroo.deviantart.com/  :D if you haven't already

Offline Carnie

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #4: July 13, 2011, 09:55:14 PM»
I love her gryphons, i'd commission her if i had money. She's awesome! :) Thanks for the suggestion <3

Offline Carnie

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #5: September 22, 2011, 02:11:57 PM»


Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #6: October 29, 2011, 02:25:34 AM»
So its like a mouse and a dove, instead of an eagle and a lion? Cute. I'll give it a whirl. :3

Offline Carnie

Re: Seeking Grpyhon artist
«Reply #7: November 16, 2011, 11:36:37 AM»
yeah pretty much, but its a woodland jumping mouse and a bleeding heart dove. And that would be sooo awesome! Sorry for the late reply, been super busy. You can catch me on Furc or PM here. Furc name is Carne :)