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Author Topic: Rubicon's Port Comissions!  (Read 429 times)

Offline Rubicon

Rubicon's Port Comissions!
«: June 29, 2011, 08:14:56 PM»
Hello everyone! I'm in need of money, urgently, soooo!

My portraits vary from $3 - $10.
I also do animated portraits from around $7 up!

Here are $5 ports:

I will send you pictures of these at stages and you can ask for any extras or changes before I send it to you!

I am a very fast worker. I can finish a fully coloured single character in under an hour, a background picture in under three, and portraits in under two! I enjoy being directed in detail to make sure you get the best picture possible!

I take money through PAYPAL ONLY at the moment, due to the circumstances.
The best place to get me is at [email protected], dA by note, or on Furcadia as Rubicon!

I am willing to draw anything you want me to (as long as it's not like, illegal. Like kid porn :| Use common sense.) as long as you pay. I take payment when the picture is complete but before I send it! You may use my images anywhere you like as long as you don't claim you drew it or remove my signature.

Check out my other thread for everything else I do!