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Author Topic: looking for someone--unfinished payment (not neccesarily a scam)  (Read 496 times)

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looking for someone--unfinished payment (not neccesarily a scam)
13 April 2011, 4:36 pm

when i bought Julie a few years back, the user Exist contacted me (in-game) saying that they wanted the alt. i told them it wasn't for sale, but if i ever considered selling her i would contact them, which is exactly what i did. i didn't know them very well, but they seemed to have established a friend system in Dog Pound (staff and long-time members and such) so when we agreed on payment (a mixture of paypal and portraits) i never really thought twice about it. i recieved the PayPal, that is not the issue.

they agreed to do a few portraits for me, and they were never recieved. i sent them the alt after the paypal (which is my usual procedure if art is involved in a trade--after i recieve half the payment, they recieve the alt, if i don't get the rest of the payment within a certain amount of time i call shenanigans).

their close friend/girlfriend/whatever sent me the PayPal. Exist had the information for the portraits i wanted them to do. after they recieved Julie, i never really saw either one of them again.

the alt Julie has since expired, leaving me to believe they really don't care about Furcadia anymore or they don't have any access to Furcadia. the alt was re-created by someone else and sold, so please DO NOT CONTACT THE ALT 'JULIE'. it IS NOT the person i'm looking for.

if anyone knows how to contact them, please direct them to this thread or have them contact me on-line. my e-mail address is [email protected], my main alt on Furc is Mockingjay, and of course they can PM me on FAM if they want.

i'm just interested in some sort of compensation for the artwork i didn't recieve, whether it's cash or portrait spaces or digos, i really don't care. it irritates me to no end that i under-sold Julie and didn't even get my full payment, thinking she would be in good hands, and then she ends up expiring anyways.

i'm aware this trade happened a LONG time ago, please dont be all "LOLZ Y U CARE??? IT WERE FOREVA'Z AGO." i didn't recieve the payment promised, plain and simple.

i sent them a PM, but their log-in record says they last logged in September '09.

if this is in the wrong section you're welcome to move it, though since it involves a trade that wasn't fully paid for i'm assuming it's in the correct place.

if i need to clarify something please ask me here. don't contact me in-game.

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