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Author Topic: Stef/Ramona/Romano/Friday?  (Read 441 times)

Offline FAM

«: July 03, 2011, 06:00:55 PM»
20 April 2011, 3:44 am

I've never been in a position like this, so.. please forgive me. Though i know what to do and what not to do.

Alright, well. To start off, i was going to quit like i've said many times, but for real this time. Now, i've know Romano for a while, so i trusted them at the beginning. I sold them Stef first, which is why i have the name mentioned. They said they'd do me art until it's paid off. So, with that i agreed on doing the trade. I was going to wait for full payment on the alt but i ended up getting two or three pieces of art for her at the start and she asked when she could get her. Like i said, i trusted her and said sure, right now is cool. Turns out i didn't get much after that. Shortly, a bit after, i needed to get rid of a life flox, and sold it to her for MORE art. Stef was worth 100+ and then the flox 40-45. So she owes me quite a bit of money, art, or a mix of both. I MAY have gotten art for that, like one piece, but my memory does NOT recall so.

Later, at least a month, i asked her about the art, or if she could draw to be precise, and she said she needed a new tablet and it should of arrived within a few weeks. (Can just go buy one at best buy, hint here). Was cool, i was patient on waiting. But i contacted her after said week it should of arrived and nothing. So i waited yet again.

After asking the second time, she said there was no pen pressure. So, i waited yet another few weeks.

After asking, for the THIRD time, she said her computer broke?? After this, she mentioned she sounded like she was scamming and seemed kinda defensive when she mentioned it. I wasn't even thinking of her being one. I may just be in-over my head though.

After a while, i was talking to my boyfriend, and mentioned her. I got him to hound her since i have a problem with being mean or demanding. She said she could draw then, but i had no reference for her to use, or anything to ask to be drawn. And, what kinda got me thinking was that she got a new laptop, but yet couldn't pay me for the sum of both Stef and the flox.

A little bit after waiting, i got on furcadia and tried to change up the payment to see if it would make anything go faster. Of course, did not.

Right now she came up with a design for one little bit of payment but had to scan it. Though, it was before this weekend, and it's been a few days since she said she needed to scan it. I know i haven't been on furcadia that much, so thats my fault, but she could leave an offline message.

Now, before anyone i know posts on this, i'm WANTING money to PAY the people i owe. Thats why i'm so eager to getting it, more than the fact she owes me.

This is the first i've been in this situation, and i apologize to Stef/Ramona/Romano/Friday to taking this the wrong way, but it's difficult for me, socially, to get defensive about permission when talking directly to someone. It's how i am.

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