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Author Topic: SOLVED - LOCK  (Read 401 times)

Offline FAM

«: July 03, 2011, 06:00:58 PM»
4 May 2011, 3:59 pm

the alts

watermelon (assigned to either catbread or buttered-bread) and nico (who was assigned to [email protected])

who i got from dayna (watermelon) and morgan (nico), now, i didn't change the passwords (i thought i did for nico..? but both refuse to work, it was just random keyboard smashing.)

but we kinda, you know, fell out, and there are no emails about watermelon expiring (i checked all of my emails) and nico was ported and there's an email for him to be confirmed on one of my emails. and there are no emails coming to me about a lost password. sooo. what do??

neither are on any of my emails or my girlfriends and i know for a fact they were confirmed on our shared alt email [email protected]... and before you ask, ariel would not steal them so don't even. :T it's possible that i might've not changed watermelon's pw, but gee, i wasn't expecting anything to be taken back after i paid for it. der.

i wouldn't be surprised if she took them back since i'm blocked on literally EVERYTHING but you know. i'd like some feedback here. i have had them since around august?

FOR THE RECORD I JUST FOUND OUT TODAY, i'm not sure when they might've been removed from my emails/taken back, but yeah, since i paid like $20 or so for nico and about $10 for watermelon and it had a space on it that i put there...

EDIT: whoops, i guess the original price for nico was $45, or maybe i was just mistaking it but i looked in my paypal history so derp.. so, in reality, i lost out on $35 dollars. MY BAD. it's been forever. and the price wasn't listed in my PMs.

EDIT DOS: watermelon's been returned. uh. still gonna try to get nico back and all. but thanks dayna for admitting it. <3;

EDIT TROIS: and nico's been returned too. this can be locked now, a yup.

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