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Author Topic: Paying for LIVE tutorial on digital sketching, inking, and coloring  (Read 448 times)

Offline Blue

I know that there are hundreds of tutorials out there for this kind of stuff.  In fact, I've downloaded a bunch of them.  I feel like I'm missing something though, and I think it's due to getting very easily confused when it comes to any digital art program.

I will pay $5 per hour (up to $25) to observe the whole process live (probably using Livestream or a similar site).  You don't need to draw anything for me, you can work on another commission or some fun art, as long as it starts out in sketch form then moves to ink and color.  All I ask is you be available to answer questions before, during, or after the session.  Also, any hints and tips could be nice also :)

Basically, I want this because I want to get to know my art program better and improve my skills.

To be Qualified for this Job you need the following:

Paint Tool Sai (This is the program I'm using for my art)
Experienced in sketching, inking, and coloring
Willing to answer art-related questions and describe your own process clearly
Be friendly! 
Be available on Fridays or Sundays

I'm paying for up to 5 hours.

If I find the right person for this job, I may hire you again to critique my artwork and help me develop my art!

Hopefully someone will be interested o.o  Just leave an answer here, I'll check daily.  Or if you have questions, pm me!
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Offline Rex T-Rex

Ooo... I use PhotoShop, else I would have gladly offered to help you. Unfortunately I run on Apple Mac for my non pixel work. I can still offer some live support though. I might have to translate some PS functions to Sai ones but I do believe most of them are fairly similar. I know Sai is more for digital drawing than photoshop but I'm fairly sure all the tools I use for my work (aside from resizing or translating traditional ink lines into digital ones) are found in Sai.
I am by no means a professional and am largely self taught, I'm also not afraid to tell you if I do not know the answer (also willing to look it up and help translate it to you as I myself din a lot of tutorials to be lacking).  I can show you how I "sketch", "ink", and color digitally and give you a few tips I've learned. If you are interested at all feel free to PM me. :3
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Offline Okepi

first of all..from what time would you want said person you're going to hire to be available? i work from 5-midnight FURC time. but anytime before that, or sometime after is fine. whichever. :3 i actually worked from 6-11 today. XD

and i have paint tool sai. i'm pretty friendly if i do say so myself.

my art is http://furaffinity.net/user/kittysonikku but its mostly filled with doodles ^^; i did recently upload a nice commission though.
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Offline Basic

I'm disabled and spend most of my free time drawing. I own and use SAI most of the time and would love for someone to learn from what I know :3 Plus I'd get to talk a bit x3 art is at http://kientrae.deviantart.com/ feel free to message me if interested. More than likely I'd let you watch me for much less than 5$. 5$ just to learn how to draw a little better? I say that if I can help in any ay, I'll do it just for the sake of helping an artist in need.

Offline Blue

Thank you guys for the interest!  I found the person I wanted to work with, who's done a great job so far :)  May contact at a later date for further tutorials though if I need ^^
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