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Author Topic: Watch out for Tage  (Read 1384 times)

Offline Annika

Watch out for Tage
«: July 22, 2011, 07:18:37 PM»
So I get slow commissions, and when someone commissions me I get very excited. My prices are 8GD.

I received a commission request from Tage. I tell everyone they can wait to pay me afterwards so they don't get a port they don't like.

So I finished the port and she sent me the GD. It was 5GD. I said to her "you owe me 3GD" and I put her on my owed list on dA. A few days later she commented on my dA page stating the following:

When I commissioned you, you said /nothing/ about me owing you the 3gd, so it's unfair you just put it up there, without even telling me while doing my commission or after, so I find it unfair, and I'll get a refund and just go commission Chevy if you wanna play it like that n_n.
You can read the whole conversation here
As you can see they weren't very nice about it. She didn't make it private, she posted it on my public dA page, so there it is for you to read.

What?! My pricing is listed as 8GD. I informed her that she owed me GD.
THE FOLLOWING IS A SUMMARY OF THE LOGS AS I CANNOT POST THE REAL ONES. I didn't receive permission to so no exact logs are used. The timestamps and dates are on but the real thing is summarized.
07/18/11 00:39:09 Tage basically said she was going to gift the 5 scales then
07/18/11 00:40:53 I (Annika) stated that my prices were 8GD not 5.
07/18/11 00:41:02 Tage stated she wanted the rest of the GD to pay for a portspace and not the commission.

and later when I brought it up again:
07/18/11 14:33:43 Annika: you owe me three dollars
this was ignored. She kept talking as if I had said nothing. And when she spotted it on my dA page (it simply said 3GD owed by :devtageo:) She flipped as though she hadn't expected it, got angry with me as though it was my fault, and demanded a refund. Like it was all my fault, even though I stated my price to her specifically, AND it is on my thread.

So in the conversation above you can see I gave her a refund. After all that hard work to make a port for someone, I did not get payment at all really. This is stressful to me, as I was planning to commission an artist with the 8GD payment that I never received.

Also, she made me put what I was doing on join.me so she could watch and correct every little detail. This just bothers me because after all that time of work and nag I wasn't even paid? I'd be happy to have someone watch the progress of their commission as long as they actually paid me!

I just want to get this out there so others know that this happened to me and I don't really want anyone else to work hard on a port and then have to refund them.

ON dA AS: Tageo
ON FAM AS: kenny.

BEWARE OF THIS PERSON. I hope I am the only one to experience it after I share my experience! It was quite annoying and I sincerely hope this happens to no one else!


Offline kenny.

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #1: July 22, 2011, 07:20:34 PM»
we use to be good friends- shes only rly mad at me and tries any way to get it back. i refunded her- i see no problem here?~ n__n

i'm a honest person and in no way a scammer. shes just trying to get me hated by erryone cus we got in a fight, and is mad because everyone said shes stupid and she wont say sorry lolz XDD
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Offline Annika

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #2: July 22, 2011, 07:24:41 PM»
Referring to the above:

No. I don't care who it is, I do not like to be scammed out of my hard earned money. It generally pisses me off that someone can't see how wrong it is.

I am not doing this for "revenge." If you do it to one person and find no wrong in it, then it is obvious that you can do it to another with no regrets.

Offline Jaguar

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #3: July 22, 2011, 07:29:18 PM»
By "refunded" her, do you mean you paid for your commission in full?  What you wrote in your response doesn't really tell your side of the story.  Not the big picture story of the friendship, but what happened with this commission...

Offline kenny.

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #4: July 22, 2011, 07:32:39 PM»
I did NOTHING wrong. being your friend, you usually let me slip, especially because i've done things for you (website, i also did you some art so i could hopefully pay back in some way, shape, or form, so i could get my portspace & port at the same time so tage could have a port.). Me being dumb and thinking wrong is not a crime, and i took my money back, you kept your art.

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Offline Annika

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #5: July 22, 2011, 07:42:04 PM»
I don't know what she means by she refunded me? I never paid her anything. I didn't commission her, she commissioned me.

I refunded her. Not the other way around. I do not have the payment, I have a portrait that I worked very hard on that I put so much effort in for nothing. This is what bothers me so much.

There are things called gifts? You gave these as gifts willingly. For this present situation, a payment was agreed upon and not paid.

I don't care about previous arguments, I care about this one and how I did a portrait for nothing and I do not want it to happen to anyone else. I wasted hours on a portrait that I could've spent doing something worth my time.

I advise everyone to be sure that they have the correct payment before beginning a portrait. This will save you from future grief like this. I think it is necessary to alert others of this.

Again, quit bringing up previous arguments, I am only worried about today and alerting other hard working artists that this can happen again and how to get around it. I don't want anyone else to end up annoyed and frustrated after hours of hard work.

Offline kenny.

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #6: July 22, 2011, 07:47:27 PM»
i did tell you.
okay, you were the only reason i didn't really quit furcadia, and i guess since we're not friends, i'm gone? bai 2 u. because i don't wanna deal with furcadia bullshit- especially from you, so what if you report me for something i didn't do? ok. you refunded me w/e, i'm stupid i can't phrase things correctly, sorry!!!!
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Offline Annika

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #7: July 22, 2011, 08:05:37 PM»
Again everyone, be cautious of who commissions you, be sure you have the correct payment and you'll be fine. This was entirely annoying and an unnecessary stress. Good luck. I REALLY hope that this never happens to anyone else. Beware: there are people like this out there, this has even happened to me before with Kool Kat, but she's been reported as well. I find it needed that everyone know and is aware of what can happen, whether it be Furc ports or irl commissions.

Stop trying to make me feel bad for the injustice I didn't commit. I was not in the wrong here by sharing my experience and alerting others of what can happen.

Good luck everyone. I'm not really sure if this is resolved, as the person never admitted to their wrong-doing and it could happen again. Let me know, mods.

Offline kenny.

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #8: July 22, 2011, 08:14:36 PM»
my wrong doing of getting my money back because i have none to pay you with??? me being confused??? that's a wrong doing? sorry for being stupid lolz XDDD. sorry i don't know anything lolz XDD.

not making you feel bad? i'm just quitting. is there a crime in quitting this god forsaken game that steals my soul?
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Offline Annika

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #9: July 22, 2011, 08:23:11 PM»
You're lying somewhere. Your desc says you have 10.50 GD saved up, AND you said once I refunded you you have enough to commission someone with the price of 10GD. It isn't smart to lie where everyone can see. I'd appreciate it if you backed down. You have 2 extra GD even if you had paid me the full price.

In plain English: You made someone do hours of work and promised pay but gave nothing.

Again: I'd appreciate it if you backed down and admitted your mistake. I am dead tired of arguing with you about this. I stated my experience with a commissioner, I stated the facts. There is nothing to argue with that. It doesn't matter the circumstances behind it all, you still did it. Please knock it off. This can be considered harassment and I've had enough of that. You are attacking me for my recap and I'm sick of it.

Offline kenny.

Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #10: July 22, 2011, 08:26:03 PM»
lol, mistake? quitting- no need. got a portspace. i have 5gd to do nothing with. i'll just commission someone for tage art, i suppose. i guess i don't care. idk!!! idk!!! idk!!! i don't wanna commission anyone..idk what i'm saying most of the time. since im quitting, i'll use my own port, cus already got a space and blablabla. idk XDD LOL.

i'm sick you x2!!
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Re: Watch out for Tage
«Reply #11: July 22, 2011, 08:31:08 PM»
Locked since some people can't behave or talk like adults.

This thread will serve as a warning, since the artist willingly refunded Tage after not receiving full payment from Tage. Even though the artist finished the portrait.

Any relevant or new information can be PM'd to me or another mod.