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Author Topic: $5/5gd websites with layouts (simple & feral, please)  (Read 506 times)

Offline kenny.

PAYPAL or GD only!
i may settle for $2-3/gd if it's very simple.

basically - i'm making websites for you using html. if you wish, i will do SIMPLE layouts & scroll boxes, w/e. i'm not so fancy when it comes to layouts so don't ask me to do a wowmazing job.

be specific or show examples of want you want, so it'll be easier for us all c:

http://templelemurs.webs.com/ <-- lol very simple, but cute c:
http://ravenousmob.webs.com/ <-- unfinished, but it's okay. only 1 link works, never worked on it again.

pm - preferred. you'll get faster response.
whisper - whisper me as tage, i'm usually afk.
post - you may get slower response.
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* please buy my alts.